Washington County Commissioners will meet on Tuesday to potentially approve the purchase of video equipment for the county’s public safety officials.

The WatchGuard video equipment, including body cameras, in-car camera systems and required licenses, would be for the sheriff’s office, constables and EMS department.  The purchase would come from American Rescue Plan funds. 

Several vehicle purchases for the Engineering and Development Services department are also on the agenda, such as the acquisition of two 2024 Mack dump trucks from Bruckner Truck Sales, a 2024 Mack truck and belly dump trailer from National Auto Fleet Group, and an RKI service truck body from TER Texas.

After the end of the regular agenda, commissioners will hold an executive session to receive legal counsel from Allison, Bass & Magee, LLP regarding Texas Health and Safety Code section 364.012, which pertains to the prohibition of municipal or industrial solid waste disposal.  Any action will be taken in open session. 

In other regular session items, the court will:

  • Hear the Informational Technology department’s quarterly report, along with monthly reports from the sheriff’s office, county and district clerks, justices of the peace, auditor, tax assessor-collector, treasurer, constables, elections and veterans service officer.
  • Consider an oil and gas development permit for Magnolia Oil & Gas, LLC on Hartstack Road in Carmine in Precinct 4.
  • Consider an application for a plat revision for Lot 3 in the Andrade subdivision in Precinct 2.
  • Discuss a preliminary presentation of the Orchard Oaks subdivision, a residential development consisting of 98.5 acres in Precinct 3.
  • Discuss a formal notice for utility installation for a temporary above ground lay flat water line for GeoSouthern Operating II, LLC for McNelly Lane, Deer Point Road and Hoddeville School Road in Precinct 3.

Commissioners will meet Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Washington County Courthouse.

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  1. Why don’t we quit buying stuff we don’t need and send the American Rescue funds back to treasury they need it back. Comes out of our pockets anyway. We are broke they just print money with nothing to back it up. In car cameras and body cams can be bought on individual basis on the ones that actually want the device for cheap and those that don’t want it don’t have too it’s called freedom. WCC stop the stupid spending. Fix our roads mow the grass and keep the Sheriff happy and last but not least keep your hands in own pockets.

    1. Its typical govt, no matter if its federal, state, or local…they just love spending money that isnt theirs and if they want more the citizens gotta suffer thru more hikes in property tax, utilities, etc. Whats so incredibly tyrannical, is there is nothing the average citizen can do but slowly go broke and lose everything….thanks govt, really doing your jobs alright

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