H-E-B in Brenham was evacuated this (Tuesday) afternoon after exhaust fume buildup from on-site renovations.

City crews and first responders were called out to the store at 2508 South Day Street just before 3 p.m.

City of Brenham Communications and Public Relations Manager Melinda Gordon said the store was evacuated as a precaution due to the “strong smell of gas odorants.” 

According to Gordon, city crews determined there was not a gas leak.  Instead, store officials told the city there were “excessive exhaust fumes” from the contractor equipment being used for store reconstruction.

Fumes were still being cleared out from the store as of 4:15 p.m., according to radio scanner traffic. Update @ 5:30 p.m.: Crews were finalizing the last round of ventilation as of 5 p.m. The store intends to re-open this afternoon.

Gordon said there have been no reports of anyone needing to be treated for fume inhalation.

The Brenham Fire Department, Brenham Police Department and DPS are assisting.

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  1. And with your proposal, we could trim the city’s budget probably by a fourth just to get rid of all the tourism positions and economic development jobs that are associated therewith. People don’t need to come to Brenham for tourism or to have a retail center, we can do online videos and let them sit at home or watch on their phone. I’m certain that the far majority of people going to the grocery store don’t really know anything about selecting their own produce or meat products and they would be more than willing to let a 17-year-old choose their food for them. Parking problems in downtown Brenham? Wouldn’t have that according to you, as there wouldn’t be any more retail, nor any customers. The Brenham housing market problems could also be solved if someone were to build some 20 or 30 story, high rise apartments and have 1,000 ft living spaces and force people to live there – – it sure would be a lot easier for your proposed deliveries from the warehouses to one location that might serve several thousand people, rather than having to drive all over town to those old fashioned houses.

  2. Too late for moving HEB – it has been a bad choice for a store from the start – so hard to get in and out of the parking lot – that will never change in a positive way – only worse each year with more and more traffic. Each holiday cops are stationed to help with traffic. It is too close to the major intersection of Hwy 36 and Hwy 290 to ever get better in that location. Adding on to the store surely proves the HEB corporate does not get it. Please city council help to approve another grocery chain to move into Brenham !!!!!

  3. Yes I agree with RR. I’m hoping for a Kroger Superstore to come to Brenham sooner than later!!!! Brenham is going and we need another big store to accommodate all the people moving here.

  4. Like the H‑E‑B in La grange! They put more stuff in the store but they don’t have room to expand. I quit shopping there, not enough parking.

  5. They should have sold that property long ago and moved from that location years ago and spent all their money on a new store . That location is almost at critical mass with traffic. Many wrecks and it’s gonna get worst. Come on Kroger Superstore!!!!!!

    1. I would close all of the stores to shoppers and not let any customers inside then turn every single location into a mini warehouse. Pick up or delivery only. No need for a parking lot at that point and traffic problem solved. There is really not much need to have retail stores these days with the availability of online shopping.

      1. Curbside is great for everything other than meat, produce, and dairy. Some things you need to inspect with your own eyes.

      2. Chuck,
        TDCJ provides cubicle dwelling accommodations for citizens who like everything provided at their doorstep. I hear that accommodations are so complete you never need to leave home.

    2. Totally agree!! I have not shopped there in over a year and do not intend to in the near future – if ever. My car has been damaged in their parking lot 3 times. I know that the signs say they are not liable for the shopping carts. However, there are circumstances when they should be liable. One time my passenger door was dented. This may have been the result of a customer and I don’t hold HEB liable. On the other 2 occasions, however, HEB was totally liable due to their negligence. Strong winds from a hurricane in the gulf resulted in HEB securing the cart holding area with cement blocks. However, one near my car was not secured and as a result the whole cart holding center smashed into my car. On another occasion – also a windy day – the cart holding center was overloaded with shopping carts and the wind pushed them out, again smashing into my car. An employee of HEB told me that was what happened. My rear light was smashed, resulting in almost $600 damage. That was the last time I have been to that store. On each occasion I showed HEB management and explained what had happened and they made a big production out of it – taking pictures, telling me they were going to view their cameras and call me the next day. I never heard from them. I spent about $500/month there so I know that that small amount does not hurt them at all. Walmart has a cart crew that regularly picks up the carts. It seems that with all of HEB part-time employees (so they don’t have to pay them benefits), they could assign someone to regularly pick up carts and empty the holding areas. I now purchase everything I need from either Walmart, Brookshire Brothers or in College Station. Can’t wait for Kroger. HEB can’t keep them away forever.

    3. I usually shop the HEB within an hour of opening and closing, just to avoid the traffic and congestion.

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