The Washington County Grand Jury meet this week and returned 32 indictments.

Jennifer Lynn Hampton, 50 of Bellville, was indicted for Driving While Intoxicated with 3 or More Convictions.

Shalyn Grace Henroid, 24 of Brenham, was indicted for Theft less than $2500.

Chavez Deandre Macintyre, 42 of Caldwell, was indicted for Manufacture or Deliver Controlled Substance and Money Laundering between $2,500 and $30,000.

Lance Alan Pederson, 64 of Austin, was indicted for Evading Arrest or Detention with a Vehicle.

Gabriel Rojas-Ruiz, 45 of Brenham, was indicted for Theft of Property between $30,000 and $150,000.

Gamarcus Dewayne Sheppard, 27 of Brenham, was indicted for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

Julian Ray Vela, 35 of Brenham, was indicted for Evading Arrest with a Vehicle.

Daron Jermain White, 34 of Rockdale, was indicted for Theft of Property less than $2,500, with two or more Previous Convictions.  

Joel Moracen Zamora, 29 of Austin, was indicted for Fraudulent Possession or Use of a Credit or Debit Card, 5 to 10 items.

19 people were indicted for Possession of a Controlled Substance, they are: Jose Ignacio Meza Aguirre, 31 of Brenham, Diamond Denise Aubrey, 26 of Houston, Amador Andres, 36 of Brenham,  Coma Lee Bradley, 33 of Washington,  Casey Michael Culpepper, 33 of Burnet, Vincent William Matteo Ortiz Doebbler, 31 of Corpus Christi, Derek Aurel Dow, 25 of Houston, Matthew Lee Falcon, 27 of Corpus Christi, Andrea Shamon Harris, 36 of Brenham, Reannon Hillhouse, 30 of Grand Prairie, Jawuan Edward Jones, 22 of Pflugerville, Cheryl Lynn Maynard, 46 of Brenham, Gabriel Moreno, 44 of San Bernardo, California, Darius Esmond Roberts, 40 of Brenham, Savannah Aryssa Sierra, 30 of Brenham, Cierra Juna Stewart, 34 of Humble, Christian Jacob Verghese, 22 of San Antonio, Rachel Lynn Williams, 38 of Washington, and Gerardo Roque Zamora, 32 of Brenham.

The following persons were previously indicted by the Washington County Grand Jury and have since been arrested so the name can now be released.

Tanner Bowen McCarthy, 26 of Columbus, was indicted for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Jovanette Jaramillo, 40 of Brenham, was indicted for Violation of a Protective Order, 2 or more times within 12 months.

Eric Truelson
Washington Co. Jail photo

Eric Paul Truelson, 53 of Brenham, was indicted for Intoxication Manslaughter with a Vehicle. Truelson was arrested in May of this year on Intoxication Manslaughter charges for an accident that occurred in January of the year before.

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  1. Over the years I’ve seen many of the same names in these indictment reports. How many felony indictments, and I’m assuming convictions, does one get before they don’t get out of prison for a very long time? Some of these people are repeat habitual offenders and need to be locked up before they seriously hurt or kill someone. Clearly, any early intervention efforts have been unsuccessful and now we’re dealing with people who have no regard for other people’s life or property.

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