State Senator Lois Kolkhorst was one of six Republican senators on Tuesday who voted to dismiss all articles of impeachment in their entirety against Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Lois Kolkhorst

The vote to throw out all articles being heard by the Senate ended 24-6, with Kolkhorst joined by Paul Bettencourt of Houston, Donna Campbell of New Braunfels, Brandon Creighton of Conroe, Bob Hall of Edgewood and Tan Parker of Flower Mound. 

None of the motions to dismiss a single article received more than 10 votes out of the 30 senators – 18 Republicans and 12 Democrats – voting in the trial.  Republican Senator Angela Paxton, Ken’s wife, is not able to vote. 

Paxton was impeached by the Texas House in May and suspended from his duties, facing allegations that include bribery and abuse of office.  He has pleaded not guilty to each of the impeachment articles.

A two-thirds majority is required in the Senate to convict Paxton, which would remove him from office.  The trial could last for weeks. 

Kolkhorst’s communications office told KWHI that they are unable to comment while the trial is ongoing.  Prior to the start of the trial, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick issued a gag order intended to keep proceedings impartial.

The impeachment trial can be watched at

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  1. Thank you Senator Kolkhorst from the over four million Paxton voters! Ken Paxton received more votes than Governor Abbott in Washington Co last year- and there has been no evidence presented of an actual crime.

    1. Breaking his oath of office! Using his security team for midnight rendezvous! Why Nate Paul sooo! Important to him! Using attorney general office as henchman for Nate Paul’s adversaries! Impeachment/ removal! Yes!

  2. Thank you Senator Kolkhorst- the voters already knew of nearly every issue in this impeachment- voters heard these old rumors and still re-elected Paxton with over 4 million votes. Less than a year ago he won the election even getting more votes that Governor Abbott in Washington County.

    A third of all Republican Senators voted exactly like Senator Kolkhorst to dismiss the charges back to the House because NONE of the testimony presented from the Democrat filled House impeachment team was taken under oath. It’s just a list of hearsay and unprovable opinions with no evidence of crimes. Paxton was the most effective state attorney general to challenge the Biden Administration and the more moderate wing of Republicans who spent over $40 million to defeat Paxton the last years primaries.

    We may need to impeach him but only when a real House impeachment process occurs. The current House impeachment charges were created in only a few days, not under oath, and reliant on media stories rather than EVIDENCE. Kolkhorst is exactly where I’d also be…. Dismissing these weak charges back to the House. We don’t remove a person from office without evidence, and to overturn an election based on political differences is a terrible precedent.

  3. Truthfully, there’s a lot of question in regard to the legality of how these were presented and I think statute. On those points only I can understand why several would vote to dismiss the charges – a legal standpoint.

    That said, given they’re not dismissed I encourage Kolkhorst and the six to listen to the arguments to make a decision based on fact, not emotion, not party.

  4. Paxton is an embarrassment to the state, and now Senator Kolkhorst has joined him. I thought the Senator represented me and most Washington county residents in our beliefs as a conservative Republican, but now we know she doesn’t. How and why would she support this criminal? Whether or not to support him has nothing to do with, if he is a Democrat or Republican. It has to do with honesty and morals. Paxton has none. I am devastated by her actions. She has lost my vote FOREVER.

  5. Bravo Senator Kolkhorst! Thank you for having courage to shut down this sham impeachment. If only our Representative Kyle Kacal had represented his constituents and done the same. One may wonder how this is happening in our beautiful state; I recommend “The Texas Heist” documentary for answers.

  6. Another reason to not vote for Kolkhorst again.
    Ken Paxton should go.
    He is just as corrupt as the opposition.
    Shame on you Kolkhorst.
    I will vote for anyone else on your next election cycle. Just because you were born a raised here, doesn’t mean that you will always be the best option.

    1. How do you know the allegations are true? Politics have proven to be not so trustworthy when making allegations or choosing not to.

  7. Ken Paxton had criminal charges against him when he was first elected, but through legal wrangling, he has put off his legal problems for years. It finally caught up with him and honest Republicans recognized him for what he is; someone on the wrong side of the law, and the six Republicans who voted to dismiss the articles of impeachment, are no better than him!

  8. Proud of you Senator. Even though he may be flawed like the rest of us, no one should be throwing stones. Especially for political reasons.

  9. The majority of voters elected Ken Paxton now the Old Bush people want Ken out and George P Bush who lost by a lot in that position. This is election interference to dilute the vote of the people of Texas. In other words we did not pick right and they want to correct our mistake. We owe many thanks to this woman her family and staff. Its a lot of work fighting these folks that out right lied to our face. Just because they say they are a conservative doesn’t mean they are one. Thank you Lois thank you very much for standing up for our right to pick who we want to hold office cause we know you won’t back down.

    1. That’s not how it works, Steve. If the legislators that were elected by voters remove an official from office then the governor elected by the same pool of voters as elected Paxton just appoints an interim Attorney General until a new election takes place and the voters have another opportunity to choose between a new slate of candidates.

      What’s going on here is that a huge body of elected officials, all of them dominated by the Republican Party, is having to police themselves because one of their own is undermining their credibility. He’s not a team player. That individual is a liability to them. That individual is disloyal to his own party as well as the voters that elected him to office.

      If anybody honestly believes that the success of Republicans in Texas hinges on having Ken Paxton in office and that there isn’t any one singular individual that could possibly replace him then we have a bigger problem than Ken Paxton. It means that we’ve given up so much hope that I’m not sure what’d be left to fight for in the first place. Strong leaders nurture a deep bench of capable political talent. If Texas Republicans haven’t done that then, by God, they’re Texas Democrats!

      I don’t believe that to be the case. Try and convict Paxton! Primary Kolkhorst!

    2. Do you think the 8 “whistleblowers” who all were Paxton devotees, were supporting George P. Bush? Heck, no! These brave men did the right thing even though they knew they would be in the hot seat for years. They were working for the best interest of Texas, not an individual.

  10. Paxton is an embarrassment to our state and the fact that the majority of the senators voted against dismissal should give concern that our own local senator voted to dismiss is not good. This isn’t about republican or democrat, this is about integrity and doing the job you are elected to do. The world is not in a good place right now and with Paxton looking out for his own good and not the good of the people of Texas should concern everyone as well as having our Senator supporting the dismissal. No one is above the law.

  11. Does this shock anyone that our “distinguished” Senator would be one of the few to vote this way? Paxton will get what he deserves and she shouldn’t be re-elected!

  12. I’m not sure I understand. How can you vote to dismiss all articles of impeachment without hearing any testimony? It’s like the 6 senators have already decided how they will vote, regardless of evidence. That’s not the American way. Yes, everyone is presumed innocent but trials are held so that the truth can be determined. But everyone knows that there are two systems of law – one set for the “special people” and one set for the rest of us.

  13. Well he needs to go. He’s part of why property taxes are getting higher. So I see more needs to be voted out also. They want to keep their loop holes in the system where they can act like they doing something but turn around to take it back.

  14. What a shame, as a republican she should want to see her part members held accountable and those who have abused their power removed.

  15. Why in the world would she vote this way? Good job representing your constituents and not your party!

  16. As much as I respect Senator Kolkhorst, I have to disagree with her on this. Ken Paxton has seemed to have an air of scandal around him the entire time he has been in office. He has fought some good battles and stood for things I agree with, however, even former members of his own staff are questioning his actions. It is time that we get a fresh start in The Texas AG’s office and Mr. Paxton needs to be removed from office to allow the office and our state to move forward without the taint of scandal and corruption.

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