Blue Bell Creameries President and CEO Ricky Dickson has announced his retirement. 

Ricky Dickson

Dickson has served 43 years with Blue Bell, including seven leading the company.  During his time as president and CEO, Dickson helped lead the restructuring and expansion of Blue Bell’s food safety efforts, resulting in the company earning the Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) global food safety certifications at all three production facilities in Brenham; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; and Sylacauga, Alabama. 

Dickson also oversaw renovation and expansion of the company’s production facilities, including the recent construction of a new truck shop and milk receiving bay. 

In a press release from Blue Bell this (Wednesday) afternoon, Dickson said it has been “an incredible honor to make and sell ice cream for people to celebrate the most important moments in their lives.”  He said, “Blue Bell is a special place, and it has been a privilege to work with people who are dedicated to their jobs and love what they do.” 

Speaking with KWHI, Dickson said he is blessed to have been able to be a part of Blue Bell for many years.

Dickson said he looks forward to working with whomever is chosen as his successor to ensure a seamless transition, and that he views this more as “turning the page” rather than “putting a period.” Dickson encourages whomever follows him to be open to change while respecting where the company has come from. 

Blue Bell Board Chair Jim Kruse said Dickson’s leadership was “instrumental in maintaining our commitment to food safety each day.”  He said, “In a company where history, tradition and culture are vital to who we are, Ricky has done a masterful job of helping us evolve and grow while keeping us true to who we have always been.”

In addition to his time at Blue Bell, Dickson served two terms on the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce board of directors.  He has been a Rotary member since 1990 and past president of the Rotary Club in Washington County.  Dickson is past president of Faith Mission, a local ecumenical Christian-based non-profit organization created to assist the homeless and working poor in the community.  He is a member and past board chair of the Dairy Products Institute of Texas and the current Chairman of the Board of the International Dairy Food Association Ice Cream Board.

The Blue Bell Board of Directors is currently conducting a search for the company’s next president and CEO.  Dickson will continue in his current role until the new one begins. 

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