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U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul and Senator John Cornyn have sent a letter to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy after they were alerted to issues regarding the United States Postal Service.

According to the letter sent by McCaul and Cornyn, multiple constituents have contacted their respective offices to voice concerns.

The concerns revolve around extended delays in services and processing at the North Houston Regional Processing and Distribution Center, as well as the South Houston Local Processing Center in Missouri City.

John Cornyn (R-TX)

McCaul and Cornyn said in the letter that they learned the delay stems from attempts to implement new processing technology as part of the USPS.

If true that the modernization efforts are leading to delays, then they told De Joy that the problems must be addressed immediately, and with transparency.

The other problem being reported to the lawmakers is that the USPS has notified apartment complexes in College Station that their delivery service is being changed since they are identified as student housing.

Rather than mail going to individual residents, the mail is now being delivered in bulk to a designated representative of the school despite not being owned or affiliated with Texas A&M. 

These apartment complexes have had individual unit deliveries for decades.

McCaul and Cornyn closed the letter by expressing their appreciation for the day-to-day workers at the Postal Service, and encouraged De Joy to respond to their concerns as soon as he can.

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  1. So glad this has been brought to their attention. I had a med from express scripts sit at the north Houston post office since 12/28th and finally arrived her 1/25th I believe. Also recently had an order from brenham for honey. My order arrived within 2 days. The order sent to Alexandria VA took about 10 days. It sat at the Missouri City PO several days before transit to Alexandria. Why the delays?

  2. We live in zionsville area and are experiencing severe delays in mail. One family member is required to get Medication through mail. It is taking as much as 8 weeks to arrive and they are running out of meds before they arrive. This is 100 percent no ok. Especially when it is critical to their care. We have filed cases multiple times. Just last week one finally arrived that was filled last November. And then to also hear in the news they will be doing the same things at post offices throughout the nation when it is not working. Someone needs to really actually do something about this immediately and take it seriously. Not just send a letter.

  3. The shift of delivering mail from North Houston Distribution to Bryan, then Brenham, instead directly here, is costing at least a day in delivery. Going to Bryan first means that the delivery is an hour too late arriving at the Brenham PO in order to go out on local routes that day.

  4. Sure wish they had mentioned our Post Office here in Brenham. I understand from postal employees that among the many maintenance items that need to be addressed, they now have no hot water.

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