A screenshot on X (formerly
Twitter) shows Dan Bongino's
reply to KWHI's article about the
station's poll asking listeners
whether they would like to keep
The Dan Bongino Show or switch
to country music during the
show's timeslot.

KWHI’s online poll asking our audience whether they would like to keep listening to The Dan Bongino Show has caught the eye of Dan Bongino himself.

During the first hour of Bongino’s program on Monday, Bongino mentioned KWHI by name, noting that the station had created a poll regarding his show and if the station should continue airing it or switch to country music in the 1 – 4 p.m. timeslot that he currently occupies. (all audio courtesy The Dan Bongino Show)

Bongino also talked about his program in comparison to the late Rush Limbaugh, whose show KWHI carried for many years, and gave his thoughts on the poll in general.

Bongino also commented on KWHI’s article link on X, formerly Twitter, jokingly replying, “Switch to country.”

KWHI President and General Manager Tom Whitehead says with a potential programming change as major as this, the station wants to know what its listeners would prefer before making any decision. 

One reason given by Whitehead as to why the change is being considered at all is the loss of one of the show’s primary advertisers, Chappell Hill Bank, who recently opted not to continue sponsoring the program.  The bank’s former president, Edward Smith Jr., was a large supporter of conservative talk radio prior to his passing in October, and the bank was a longtime sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh and Dan Bongino programs on KWHI.

Whitehead also said there would be an opportunity to broadcast more local sporting events that are scheduled in the early afternoon, should the station decide to switch from Bongino. 

As of Monday afternoon, the poll was overwhelmingly in favor of keeping The Dan Bongino Show on KWHI, with about 75 percent of voters wanting to stay with the current format.

Whitehead says it is clear from the audience’s response what its preference is, adding, “It is nice to know the product we are putting out is what our listeners want.”

Bongino’s full segment discussing KWHI and the poll can be heard below. 

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  1. Michael Berry is much better. I do not like the talk show line up on KWHI. Sorry just my opinion.

    1. I listen to Michael Berry on KTRH Houston, but it were on KWHI I would listen there of course. Michael is awesome,

  2. Glad he’s staying on and I’m sure some listeners are a bit turned off by his edgy kind of no holds barred commentary, not quite as sanitary as Rush or Clay and Buck. He’s somewhere in between them and Savage.
    Carry on!

  3. Please keep DAN. Most interesting and informative radio program every day. Always learn the true facts and as Dan says he always has the true receipts for whoever questions him. Thank you Dan!!

  4. I love Dan he is every much right up there with Rush. He speaks the truth. I’m sick of TV NEWS and there lies. They are all owned by 1 person. They are like parrots speaking the same bull. Totally propaganda. Dan Bongino is speaking the truth. We need to listen and be aware of what is really going on. Keep Dan .

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