Sometimes it’s nice to know that people are listening to your radio station and reading your website.  We certainly found that out this week by taking a poll of our listeners about whether they wanted to continue hearing “The Dan Bongino Show” on KWHI.  Almost 500 people took the time to vote, with an overwhelming 76% saying “yes, keep Dan”.  Over 130 people took the time to comment on our website or Facebook page with almost 100% in favor of keeping the show.  To top it off, Dan Bongino himself mentioned KWHI and our poll on his Monday show.  Don’t ever doubt that the internet is a powerful thing!  So for all of you Dan Bongino fans out there, don’t worry….his show is not going off of KWHI.  You can stop calling now.

On another subject, early voting in the upcoming March 5th Primary Elections begins next week.  There are many important races on the ballot in Washington and surrounding counties, so I encourage you to take the time to vote.  On the State level, I’m not a fan of what our Governor is doing in several races.  During the multiple special sessions of the Texas Legislature, Governor Abbott threatened state representatives and senators that he would work to defeat them if they didn’t vote for his school voucher program.  Sure enough, Abbott has been using his own campaign funds to buy ads in favor of their opponents.  Some members just chose not to run again, and I can’t say I blame them.  Abbott is overstepping his bounds by acting like a dictator, instead of a governor.  The real shame is that he withheld badly needed funding for our public schools in his failed attempts to pass a voucher program.  Our schools, who were held for ransom by the Governor, are now suffering the consequences.  This is a prime example of why there should be term limits at all levels of government.  Too many people make a career out of holding office.  I believe it’s way past time for others to have the opportunity to try to make a difference.  In some cases, they probably couldn’t do any worse than the incumbent.

And that’s the way it looks to this Spectator.

What’s your Reaction?


  1. If you want to look at stats look at the number one public education system in the world. Its not the US with its stove piped, zip code confined education that locks children into horrible, DEI as a religion, schools. The US is way down the list at 16.

    Its Sweden, with its homogeneity and school choice voucher system. They also don’t bother with the wasteful spending of sports. If you, as a parent, want that for your child, then you pay for it because sports is not education, rather a tool for cultural DEI indoctrination (in the US at least).

    1. We need to move to Sweden! Participation in sports is a choice students/parents make. It is not a required course needed for graduation. Your post is confusing. How is diversity, equality and inclusion a tool for cultural indoctrination? Baseball, golf, bowling, swimming, soccer, softball and volleyball have a similar racial make-up at BISD; whereas, basketball and football share racial similarities. Maybe these differences exist because of the community’s cultural interest and the student athlete’s preference. Is this what you call DEI indoctrination?
      Race may not be an issue. Funding disparities could be.

  2. Thank you, thank you readers! This is what I said in another comment. Texas people need to read how the private school/voucher system has not worked the way they say it would work, across the nation!!! It is a big scam. The rest of you need to read and do some homework!!! Then, speak with knowledge and truth. You do not know what you are talking about. Do you think that students who want to get into charter and private schools can pass their entrance exams?? That is a requirement. I’ve been doing my homework. Now please, do yours.

  3. Governor Abbott’s misinformation campaign about public schools and his vilification of teachers has been an absolute travesty. Public education in Texas has DEEP roots in Washington County, yet many here have fallen for lies out of Austin, and have become quite nasty towards the hardworking educators in their own community. Additionally, yes, it is time for new blood in politics at the state and local level. If we are not careful, Washington County is going to fall into the same position as Austin and DC; led by old, out of touch politicians with more interest in serving themselves than their voters.

    1. Seneca, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment(s). Governor Abbott and his political mafia want to DEFUND PUBLIC EDUCATION. It is way too late for diplomatic reform. We are already being led (deceived) by old, out of touch politicians who have prostituted their morals and values to (bigly) enterprises for profit. The corporate takeover of our government, schools and prisons is well underway. Churches are next in line! There needs to be an adult conversation with other adults about adult things such as school vouchers. Rather than have the testicular fortitude to fix and remedy what is wrong with public education, these zealots prefer to deflect, defraud and deceive the public into believing that private education funded by public tax dollars is the solution. We need to be vigilant in the fight against this DEFUND PUBLIC EDUCATION movement that is polarizing local politics. They all have the solution until they are elected and then we discover that they cannot solve anything! This I know for sure, when the “undesirables” are denied a proper education they will show up behind you at the ATM in a ski mask pointing their legally concealed firearm up against your skull. Would you rather pay now for a proper PUBLIC education or pay later to fund the corporate run “for profit” prison?

  4. Mr. Spectator, I respectfully disagree with your take on Govenor Abbott generally, and on the school issue. Greg Abbott has been one of the strongest and most successful Texas governors to ever hold the office, he understands Texas values and speaks with a strong confident voice standing up to the people in Washington who make it clear they do not care about the safety or the economy of our state. He may not get everything perfect, but he is doing a very good overall job.,

    As so many of our schools continue to fail (in my humble opinion) in their very basic role of educating our kids while promoting woke agenda’s, it is time that someone stood up to them and said enough. Bringing some commonsense competition to public education is something we have needed for years. This may be the only thing that will save our schools and bring quality back to the education system. When parents and students are given real choice, schools might finally learn to get back to doing what they should be doing and stop trying to indoctrinate our kids into liberal belief systems. I appreciate and applaud Governor Abbot for taking such a strong stand, and for backing his belief system by using campaign dollars and his personal influence to help elect representatives who will finally take a strong stand and do what is right. Again, this is my opinion and I expect that there is a vocal minority of folks who will voice their opinions and disagree with me, so be it.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion. My editorial did not attempt to address the issue of public versus private education. I just gave my thoughts on a governor threatening legislators in order to get his own agenda passed. I wasn’t taking a side either way on the school issue.

      1. But it’s not his ‘own agenda’ it’s a priority to the majority of Texans. Putting politicians who are opposed to school choice on the record and letting them know it’s not what is desired by the constituents is not bullying. Lying about a stance until you’re in office is not going to fly this time. You should really read your opinion piece again and remember that your own personal dislike for a politician is showing through in your reporting.

        1. Andrew, the “Spectator” is exactly how you described it in your comment…”An opinion piece”. It is not “reporting”, although unfortunately much of the reporting done by the national media IS actually opinion based. I never said that I dislike Governor Abbott. I disagree with him targeting members of his own party, with whom he disagrees”, by spending his campaign money against them. Those people were duly elected by their constituents to represent them at the State level. It is up to those constituents to decide if they want to replace their representative, not the governor. If someone contributed to the governor’s campaign, and that money was now being spent to defeat a representative whom they also support, that person might not agree with his actions either.

      2. Mr. Spectator, thanks for your reply. I am genuinely grateful for the ability to respond to articles and opinion pieces and appreciate KWHI making this venue available, I believe this is a valuable place where people can share and debate issues in safe a way. Thank you for doing this.

        I understand your issue with Governor Abbott “threatening legislators” and using campaign dollars to back up his threat, but I have to point out that this happens frequently throughout our political system. The concept of “primarying” people is used all the time, PAC money is used exactly as the governor is using his money on both sides of the political debate. This is not new or unusual. I would even argue that it is a common and even important part of our political process.

        Lastly, to those who are pointing to our governor and legislature as the reason our schools are failing, I personally think you are ignoring the obvious. They have tried legislating academic success for years and have failed (both sides). They simply cannot legislate out the “institutional professionals” who actually run the schools and have an agenda of their own. Many “professional educators” at the upper level of educational institutions have a clear and one-sided political agenda and it comes out though curriculum requirements, textbook/learning materials content, and required resources that promote certain social and political agendas. The only thing that will stop this is valid competition where they start to loss their funding. Take that away and I think they will clean their act up and be forced to go back to teaching fundamental educational concepts and be forced to leave their politics at home. Schools and high-level “educators” are at the root of this problem that is causing this issue to even be an issue, they caused this and now they are whining because they are finding that many of us have had enough! At least that is my humble opinion!

        1. Agree wholeheartedly with you !!! Enough of the Woke that is confusing the children at their vulnerable age and can’t learn the basic reading writing and arithmetic and don’t forget HISTORY that is the truth !!! It’s way over time parents finally get involved in their children’s future education. Thank you

    2. Can you please provide any concrete examples of the “woke agenda” that is being pushed in Texas schools? What does “woke” even mean? Additionally, parents already HAVE real choice. Homeschooling, private schooling, and chartering have all existed for decades, and are right there. Abbott’s voucher scam push has been funded heavily by private donors, all who stand to line their pockets with taxpayer dollars if vouchers are approved. Millions of students will lose access to consistent, quality education, while preachers and businessmen get rich off making kids dumber. That is not what I would define as bringing back quality to the education system. I recommend listening to less Dan Bongino and talking to more teachers.

      1. My read on the definition of woke is that it is a pejorative used to describe a person or a movement that tries to provide advantage to disadvantaged people. And I don’t mind poking some fun at those people. Nobody should be disadvantaged but that means that nobody should be advantaged either. Starting right this moment, ideally.

        The problem is, I don’t care at all whether a person thinks that they’re a boy or a girl or likes boys or likes girls. It’s not my business. It shouldn’t be the business of the government, and if they want to call themselves married then they’re welcome to. They can marry a rock for all I care. The government shouldn’t be in the marriage business. But my saying that hurts the feelings of people who “own” what they think is the other side and so they call them “woke” and “snowflakes” because they get their feelings hurt. See the problem here? Different sides of the same coin. They both just want to be left alone so they can bother others to hurt the others feelings. Both get their feelings get hurt as easily as they are able to feel superior and desire to assert dominance. They’re both susceptible to getting played by authoritarian types that are out for themselves.

        Meanwhile, I just want small government. Leave me alone. Literally don’t tread on me. Go away. Spend less of my money or at least spend it better, on meat and potatoes and not the clown show.

        And since you mentioned Bongino, not that it matters, but when I want to hear grown men getting emotional about tough times, I listen to the oldies. Oldies are timeless, genuine, and authentic. They didn’t get focus grouped or autotuned. Just listen to some Roy Orbison and see what I mean.

        There’s no commercial market for it, though.

        1. “Woke” is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English meaning “alert to racial prejudice, injustice and discrimination”. Basically, it means that a person is intelligent enough to know when they have been “spit on”. In early 2010 the term was broadened to include alert awareness of social inequalities including but not limited to woke capitalism, sexism, gender discrimination and denial of LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights and the like. Perhaps the term is responsible for morphing into dog whistle terms such as “white privilege”, reparations, identity politics, reverse discrimination and the newest fake take of all … critical race theory”. A far left or far right view does not exist as all humans are intrinsically sinful; capable of being barbaric and inhumane toward others. Far left, far right, liberal & conservative are just different sides of the same coin. Woke is an extension of the internal bigotry that EVERYONE innately suffers from. There are those who are simple minded enough to believe that everyone is treated fairly & equitably and that biased discrimination of any and every kind cannot nor does not exist. You know what I mean? “That house or neighborhood is okay for BLACKS to live in” or “well, a BLACK family just moved in next door … there goes the neighborhood” or “that’s how “wetbacks” behave” or “try to separate a Jew from his money” or “she’s a snow bunnie that likes BLACK men” or “all white folk are racist”. Sickening isn’t it? Some folk are incapable of understanding why other folk have a problem with being “spit on”. Most folk have no idea what “woke” is. It used to mean “not asleep”.

          1. Well that’s a good description and makes it easier to understand. Not a bad thing like the way some folks use it. Not asleep and being aware is important.

    3. Taking money away from public schools and giving it to private schools is merely welfare for the rich and the rich, tax exempt churches. I find it incredibly naive to think that the current tuition cost of private and church schools will stay the same, and not double if this school choice ever passes. A major part of private education is too keep the “undesirable” population out of it. This has happened in other parts of the country already, and the cost goes up much more then the credit a student would get. It is shameful, that a sitting Governor would act like a Dictator, the way that Abbott is. Shame on him. Term limits is good for the President of the United States, it should be law for all offices of government nationally and domestically, even in the Great State of Texas.
      Schools that are failing students are the ones that need more support and money, not less. Parental involvement and extra tutoring, (or lack there of) for those that fall behind are major contributing factors as to why children in certain schools districts are not doing well, not to mention the low pay for teachers, makes many quit their jobs to fund better paying jobs.
      That hurts the students as well.
      More money for the school , teachers, and students, not less.

    4. Agree wholeheartedly with you !!! Enough of the Woke that is confusing the children at their vulnerable age and can’t learn the basic reading writing and arithmetic and don’t forget HISTORY that is the truth !!! It’s way over time parents finally get involved in their children’s future education. Thank you

  5. What kind of person would want taxpayers to be forced into paying for a failed public school system? Why are private schools such a threat to public schools if they aren’t superior? If one person could give a reason to not have school choice that didn’t involve praising the public school system which is failing miserably. Maybe then, this would be a debate. Currently, the only people benefiting from the current system are teachers unions who already have more power than they should over curriculum. Maybe try coming up with a reason to oppose school choice instead of playing politics.

    1. Why doesn’t the Governor, who has been in charge the entire time that the schools have started failing, spearhead legislation to fix the public schools that he has allowed to fail? Instead we are going to continue throwing more money at the broken institutions.

    2. The Texas constitution says that the state should provide exactly half of the cost of educating each public school student. Providing schools was one item the citizens of the territory of Texas demanded of their pre independence government of Mexico.
      The problems with vouchers for private schools is that it takes funding from taxpayer education funds for schools who also teach religion. Now that means any and every religion. And that violates the U.S. constitution. For profit private schools will be big business for generous corporate contributors. If vouchers pass. The state proposes no regulations for these private schools. They reject any student for any reason. What about special ed children? Numerous rural public schools in Texas are near bankruptcy now, what will happen when their funding is systematically reduced even more so than it has been for the last twenty years?
      Larger class sizes, only enough funding to barely cover required academic studies. And no athletics. Where do college recruiters find promising athletes? Public schools. The wealthier school districts in the state ((because of a large number of wealthy, working age, and few AG exempt high value properties) won’t have funding issues, they are usually more educated large and medium size cities. Quality education is imperative for all children of Texas, reading, math, history and the teaching of critical thinking skills are necessary. Critical thinking skills help us to analyze what we hear, read and see. It helps to create informed voters. In the Texas Republican platform of 2012 it was stated that critical thinking skills should not be taught in Texas schools. That sir, speaks volumes.

    3. 1. There is not a teachers union in the state of Texas
      2. The public school curriculum is set and evaluated by the legislature and the state board of education. Both of those entities are elected and have been dominated by republicans for nearly 25 years.
      3. Calling private schools “superior” is hilarious. Superior for who? Kids with disabilities who are kicked out or not allowed in? Poor kids who can’t afford tuition (and wouldn’t be able to even with ESAs?)
      4. Public school is the great equalizer in Western civilization. It is the one thing that keeps us from being a society of aristocrats and peasants. A world without public education is feudal, and the exact opposite of the principles of our Founding Fathers. In fact, Mexico’s unwillingness to fund public education for all students was part of the reason our Texian forefathers declared their independence, right here in Washington County.
      5. “school choice” has already existed in Texas from decades. Private schools, homeschooling, and charters are all existing and available options for Texas parents. You don’t want “school choice” you want to defund public schools and funnel tax money to private pockets.
      6. Instead of criticizing others for “playing politics,” maybe educate yourself on what you’re talking about, and realize you’re the one being played. The false narratives you are espousing have been manufactured and propagated by wealthy political donors who own or will own private schools, and will profit greatly off of voucher scams. You are the one who has been played politically.

    4. Well I don’t know, what kind of person would vote for state leadership that has failed our public school systems?

      School districts are political subdivisions of the State of Texas. The people who run the State of Texas have been in their positions for so long that they can’t blame their predecessors. So where does the buck stop, exactly? Who is accountable if not them? If they succeed at shifting public money to private schools, who will hold private schools accountable? What’s their plan? Have you seen a plan? I haven’t seen a plan.

      Best case scenario, headcounts get syphoned away from public schools and they end up with the same financial overhead but less funding. The subsidy to private schools wouldn’t be enough to cover most of the tuition, so only rich kids and maybe a few with scholarships get to go. The middle class gets squeezed between even worse public schools than before and a tuition cost that’s unbearable, and out of those the parents who can go over the top for their kids will do so. That leaves behind the kids that were struggling most or from families struggling most. So right there, putting the middle class in a bind, is why I don’t want this. I don’t want to pay more for schools than I already do!

      The best teachers meanwhile will be able to get excellent pay if they move to the suburbs of the biggest cities. That means away from here! We already have a problem with that. Our community won’t be able to compete. And by the way, we don’t have teachers unions.

      Worst case scenario is that private equity starts opening a bunch of schools using wall street bucks, just like they took over religious hospitals and religious nursing homes. Just like they run private prisons and that school for troubled girls south of town. They’ll run fraud schemes with our kids just like they run them with our grandparents. Here again, who will hold them accountable?

      Is it going to be Abbott? No, he’s too busy fundraising off of wall street billionaires to do anything that’d get in the way of that. Is it going to be Paxton? Nope, he recently halved the number of people working Medicaid fraud. There’s your sign!

      Here’s what it comes down to is that our incumbents need to be taught a lesson and then we need term limits so that future incumbents never so comfortable ever again.

  6. I agree with term limits and while on the wishful thinking thing lets add elimination of lobbyists too! Politicians are like diapers they need to be changed and often for the same reason. Thanks for keeping Dan B.

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