The Washington County Commissioners unanimously approved at their meeting Tuesday morning, the purchase of a new storage facility for the courthouse documents. The County is purchasing the old ATS irrigation building from Roger and Evon Schulze to use as a storage facility for the numerous documents that are being held at the courthouse.  Currently, there are several rooms at the courthouse filled with documents. 

According to the sale contract included in the agenda packet for the meeting, the purchase price for the property is $925,000.  County Judge John Durrenberger said the asking price is well below the appraised value. 

The commissioners also heard a report from the Washington County Historical Commission about a speech given at the courthouse by Sam Houston.  The Commission is seeking a plaque in front of the courthouse to recognize the speech from the Texas Historical commission. 

In other action:

Commissioners approved a budget amendment for payment of the Washington County Volunteer Fire Department Association retirement pension.

Commissioners approved making changes to the incentive pay for 9-1-1 Emergency Communications.

Commissioners approved moving their next meeting from Tuesday the 26th to Monday the 25th of this month.

Commissioners approved a Right of a Way permit for the Run for the Youth of Washington County, which is for the Blue Bell Fun Run on Saturday, March 23.

Commissioners approved a final plat for Sandy Hill Estates. Commissioners approved the subdivision variance request for a land division fronting Stern Road.

After a 10-minute break, commissioners held a workshop session to review the revised employee handbook. The small Commissioners Court room was filled with long time employees of the County that were upset with a number of the proposed changes.  Specifically, they were upset that the County proposed making the sick time and vacation time the same and capping it at 480 hours.  Many long-time employees would lose their Personal Time Off if they passed the proposal. Judge John Durrenberger said the committee will go back to the drawing board and bring back a revised handbook for another workshop session.

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    1. The appraisal district value and the actual market value of the subject property usually differ. In this case, that size building in that location is going to have a true market value well above the county appraisal district value of $771,000.

  1. Why in the digital world that we have to spend 1M for a storage facility. Shows one more time our county government is behind the times much less don’t have the knowledge or experience. Thank you that we made the first move to remove the first commissioner. Next move next year remove precinct 2 and the County Judge . I’m so upset that very few votes are not involved.
    We can’t continue with type of leadership!! RS

    1. Because of RansomWare attacks. My company decided to go digital, everything was scanned in and hard copies shredded. Then we were the victim of RansomWare. We were able to recover about 75% of our files, but lost the rest. We are in the construction industry and when warranty issues come up, we don’t always have our files to back up claims. If we had kept hard copies, we would not be involved in lawsuits now.

    2. There are several things related to County Government that is required to still be done on paper and that also have a LONG retention policy for said paperwork. Some can be multiple years retention. When possible they are doing things electronically but not everything can be done that way.

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