Jaylon Ward (Brenham ISD)

The Brenham Cub and Cubette Track Teams had more members punch their ticket to the Area Track Meet by being among the top finishers at the District 21-5A Meet at Cub Stadium yesterday (Thursday).



3.) Jaylon Ward, 11.21


2.) Jaylon Ward, 21.97


2.) Jayvon Carleton, 40.53


1.) Brenham, (Jalen Ward, Saif Mohammed, Isaac Powell, and Cartelle Brown) 1:28.70



4.) Adrianna Phillips, 48.20


4.) Brenham (Aleira Stackhouse, RaMaria Densey, Rihanna King, and Adrianna Phillips) 4:09.83

The Area Track Meet is schedule for Wednesday, April 10, at Magnolia High School.

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  1. I’m so glad I came across these comments! This has been on my mind a lot lately. I personally know some of the current coaches here in Brenham and see (without a single complaint from them) the hours they pour into these kids and programs. Easily 80 hour work weeks. It takes a selfless person to do this job. And there are fewer and fewer people out there willing to do it these days. It is a sacrifice for them and their families. So instead on being the guy that’s considering being negative, go thank a coach for the job they’re doing. Especially here, where people’s expectations are very high and are reality is what was stated in previous comments.

    I do believe our circumstances will change for better over the next few years! But let’s be patient and fight with them!

  2. There are some amazing athletes and coaches at BHS!! Congrats to all of these student athletes. Good Luck at the Area Meet!!!

    Thank you Educated Alumni for your response as you are correct on those numbers. Let’s also remember that many jobs allow people to work from home and families can choose where to live. If a parent wants their child to thrive in a sport, they will go where there are top notch facilities and resources. – we see this in college recruitment all the time. In our district, we are at the bottom of the totem poll on these things. We are up against districts with individual sport strength coaches, turf fields, top notch indoor facilities and all on campus practice facilities.

    Brenham is a great place to raise a family and retire but it is not an athletic hot bed. Not sure how to change that but I can tell you trying to relive the past isn’t going to get us there.

  3. First and most importantly, congratulations on the achievements of these student athletes!

    I would also like to address the previous comment, not because I want to create ruckus, but I feel I’ve heard this comment made before and I believe it is without much insight into past and present. (Also, a BHS alum who wants to see our kids succeed.)
    But here are some facts:
    UIL alignment is not in our favor. I would never discredit the athletes of our past. We have much to be proud of!! But I feel it is a disservice to our current student athletes to not acknowledge this. We are currently in a district with schools who are growing rapidly in both numbers and resources. Looking at sheer enrollment: Magnolia West- 2217.5, Magnolia- 2178.5, College Station-2109, A&M Consolidated- 2106, Brenham- 1557.
    When BHS was dominating in all areas of athletics, the playing field was not set up like this. Take some time to look at UIL alignment over the past 20-30 years as well as development and growth of the areas/schools we are facing week after week.
    I guarantee you These kids and coaches want to see BHS on top! And they are working!! I feel it is our role as alum and community members to support them while the work. Possibly Instead of making comments like these.

    1. As a former member of athletic teams under Glen West as AD and Jerry Newman as head track coach, I can guarantee you that the current staff is not as experienced, hard-working, or as caring as the previous staffs that brought these programs to state-wide prominence. I have close ties to many still in the BISD athletic community and everyone knows the Brenham athletic programs can’t hold a candle to what they used to be. It has nothing to do with the size of the other schools. Those same schools have been in our district for 10 to 15 years or more and the enrollment disparity has always been close to the same. Brenham decided to go in the direction of a football-first mentality and even that isn’t working out for them. A good track and field team makes the football team even better. Every Cub that went to the NFL was also a track & field standout.

      1. Glen west and Jerry Newman are a couple of my favorite people of all time. I completely agree with you about them and other coaches who left an incredible impact. We were lucky to have them.

        Did you look up enrollment? 10-15 years ago, magnolia and mag west (as one example) had and enrollment of around 1600 while Brenham was around 1400. Families (and athletes) are moving into areas like that rapidly. It makes a difference. There are a lot of people working hard in this community to make it a place people want to raise families. My point in this is, you commenting “this is sad” does nothing to help. I can tell you feel passionate about this, and that’s something we need around here! But what are you doing to make this place better?

  4. That is sad. Brenham used to be an athletic powerhouse in Track and so many other sports. Now the Cubs and Cubettes seem to be fighting for the bottom of the standings in almost every sport.

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