One person is confirmed dead, several others are injured, and a suspect is in custody after a stolen 18-wheeler drove into Brenham’s DPS office this (Friday) morning.

42-year-old Clenard Parker of Chappell Hill was pulled out of the 18-wheeler by officers after authorities say he intentionally crashed into the office around 11 a.m.  A total of 14 people were inside; of those, eight were checked and released at the scene, while six were hospitalized. 

One person succumbed to their injuries at the hospital.  The victim has not been identified, pending family notification. 

Clenard Parker
(Washington Co. Jail)

Parker was not injured.  He was taken to the Washington County Jail and will face numerous felony charges.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, DPS Sergeant Justin Ruiz reported that a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy and other law enforcement spotted the 18-wheeler nearby the McDonald’s, close to South Day Street’s intersection with the Highway 290 feeder road.  The vehicle fled from officers driving westbound, taking the feeder loop underneath Highway 290 to head back eastbound along the 290 feeder.  The driver then took a hard right turn and drove into the DPS office.

Authorities say the 18-wheeler came back out of the office and was preparing to drive into it again when responding units pulled the driver out. 

According to Sgt. Ruiz, Parker came to the DPS office Thursday afternoon, where he was denied a renewal of his commercial driver’s license. 

Two of the victims were flown to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan, and another was flown to Memorial Hermann in Houston.  Three other victims were transported to Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Brenham. 

Investigation is active and ongoing, led by the Texas Rangers.  The scene has been secured.

Victim support services are present with family reunification at the Brenham Police Department.

DPS says the building will be shut down for the foreseeable future.  Customers who had appointments scheduled at the DPS office will receive email communication and are encouraged to go to to reschedule to a different location. 

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  1. What’s wrong with people’s in today’s world,, Doing crazy, stupid stuff praying for all

  2. Tragic loss of an innocent life and traumatic physical and emotional effects to many caused by just one man with a cause of violence cause he didn’t get a license renewal. We have a people problem pure and simple. We have to change our evil ways and it starts with each one of us in the community to make a commitment that bad behaviour no matter the reason will not be tolerated! When you kill and hurt people on purpose free will you don’t ever get that freedom or free will back ever! We also need to make prisons real prisons not resorts where criminals have it better than law abiding citizens. I have had enough of this embrace of the criminals cause they might of not been brought up right. There is no right way to do the wrong thing. So I urge this community to step up and and demand from our elected officials to stop enabling crimes by the very liberal laws. I mean stealing a car is like some challenge thing when we use to hang horse thieves not that was right but when you take someone’s ride it put them in great stress cause there was no Uber! So thank your first responders cause that job is not getting easier.

  3. I’m sickened over this! He had nothing but evilness burning through his brain to exactly know what he was intending to do. His face shows still the evilness in him. No remorse. Brenham is a great town to live in after all “We Are The Birth Place Of Texas“ in Washington County for all of Texas. Shame we have to have someone that it was his fault for not passing the test to do something so evil no matter the excuses

  4. Hopefully Washington County prosecutors will upgrade Mr Parker’s charges to Capital Murder since at least one person has died so far from his intentional actions which were committed in the course of committing another felony. Ultimately, it would be reassuring if he is sentenced to death and no pleas accepted at a trial for which both it and the meals he is served while he waits will be at taxpayers’ expense. His actions could even be considered Domestic Terrorism.
    I’m sure there are many reading this, especially the victims and their families of this senseless act, who would just assume have a trial tonight. For now, I guess the safest place for Mr Parker is in a cell where he belongs away from them.

  5. That man cannot be punished enough for his terrorist attack.
    The death penalty is still not enough, but it is the most we can do.
    Just terrible.
    I feel so bad for all of my fellow citizens that were either working or waiting inside when this happened.

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