Many Brenham-area residents have reported issues of late with their AT&T cell phone and internet service.

A crane sits by a cell tower on Key
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Some have taken to social media to voice their complaints, citing poor call quality, dropped calls, issues with sending messages, and problems with mobile internet and Wi-Fi. 

One resident, Tom Spall, who works as the district webmaster for Brenham ISD, spoke to KWHI about his virtual chat with AT&T support services.  He says he was told a tower was down due to network maintenance, which was further clarified as an “internal issue and network enhancement”. 

Spall says AT&T told him that planned restoration of service is by the end of the day on Monday.  However, some commenters online indicated they were told by AT&T that it could be later.

It is not known exactly how many customers are affected by the outages, but Spall told KWHI that when they first started happening, AT&T’s online outage map showed that the issues appeared to center around the Alton Elementary School/Community Education Building area.  However, he reported that his service now around his home off of FM 389 is problematic.

Spall also says he was informed by AT&T that impacted lines should get a credit on their next bill once service is fully back up. 

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  1. That credit AT&T promised when all phones were down recently, never came on this latest bill as they promised. In fact, my bill went up by an additional 7 dollars!

  2. Im also on 389 and have been dealing with EXTREMELY slow mobile internet speeds for almost 2 weeks

  3. I’m in the S Market street/ Germania Insurance area and my service is Straight talk, which Verizon owns. My phone is down as well, yet my spouses T Mobile phone works just fine. I can turn my phone on and off and get signal, but only for a short period of time.

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