Members of Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative will soon receive electric bill credits for their share of $6.23 million. 

Bluebonnet’s Board of Directors voted unanimously during its April meeting to return the sum to member-owners via capital credits on their electric bills starting next month.  The $6.23 million is more than $500,000 over what was returned to members last year.

Capital credits are revenue above what it takes to operate the co-op.  Every April, Bluebonnet’s board approves a capital credits payment, with the amount based on how much it will impact electric rates and the co-op’s financial strength. 

How much each member gets back depends on how much electricity they used in previous years through 2023 and how long they have been a Bluebonnet member. 

During the past 20 years, Bluebonnet has returned $94 million in capital credits to its members.

Bluebonnet Board Chairman Ben Flencher said, “We are proud to return historic amounts in capital credits to our members year after year.  It demonstrates the commitment from our Board of Directors and employees to invest in and serve Bluebonnet’s members and communities for more than 85 years.”

Bluebonnet General Manager Matt Bentke said, “The continued, historic growth in Bluebonnet’s service area and sound fiscal management has enabled Bluebonnet to return record amounts in capital credits the past several years.  In addition to having one of the lowest electric rates in the state, the credit our members will see on their bills in May is one of the most important benefits of being a member-owner of Bluebonnet.”

Current members will see a credit on their May electric bill for their share of this year’s capital credits retirement.  Former members who are still owed a capital credit will be mailed a check in May or June.

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  1. A little different POV…
    This really sounds like BB is taking money from their customers to pad their own pockets throughout the year. This is money that said customers COULD be investing elsewhere to earn interest.
    I don’t see that BB is doing the customer any favor by returning moneys to them that was taken from them unnecessarily to begin with. $6.23 Million is no drop in the bucket. Seems like the customers would benefit more by this figure being managed to a minimum.

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