Washington County has declared a local state of disaster as a result of damage from the recent heavy rain and storms.

A fallen tree on property
along Tom Green Street in
Brenham as a result of
storms Thursday night.
(courtesy photo)

The declaration from the Washington County Judge’s Office states that severe weather and excessive rain over the past three weeks, beginning on April 26th, has caused road flooding resulting in damage to multiple roads, strong winds over 70 miles per hour leading to widespread power outages, damage to electric infrastructure, and trees down across over 50 roads. 

The declaration activates the county’s emergency management plan and takes effect immediately, continuing for no more than 7 days unless renewed by the commissioners court. 

As part of the declaration, County Judge John Durrenberger is requesting assistance from Governor Greg Abbott due to the severity of the incident at hand.

In a letter to the governor, Durrenberger writes that damage to county roads and bridges and the cost for removal of tree debris may exceed $164,703.  He says the county “is currently facing tremendous physical and economic losses” and that an effective response “is beyond Washington County’s capability to recover without supplementary state and/or federal assistance.”

A copy of the declaration and letter to the governor can be read here.

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  1. Where’s all that money? Try checking out the EMS projected spending well its approaching 10 million a year for a small county under 50 thousand. A big part of that salaries for the EMS who are not elected yet they make nearly as much as the District Attorney and way more than the Sheriff or County Engineer ect. The EMS needs to be under the fire department and that would stop all this nonsense. Every WCC that has over two terms needs to go terms limits is a must.

  2. Wow the county judge wants money again he will use the money on something else. He needs to give the money to the fire department they was the ones out cutting up the trees only a couple of r&b employees were out that night. It’s time for a change not this buddy buddy stuff

    1. I always appreciate concerns regarding the amount and efficacy of local spending, but anything our community can get back from Austin or DC should be aggressively sought after and disaster declarations help us do that. Do you forego deductions on your income taxes because you’re just going to spend some of the refund money on something a neighbor thinks is frivolous? Probably not, but I don’t begrudge you that. Let’s bring our local money back home.

      Besides, you just know Houston’s going to declare a disaster and get some money. They do it at every turn. Why should we effectively subsidize them by not getting ours?

  3. What about all the personal property destroyed and yet property taxes still getting higher and higher. Where’s all that money 💰

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