Brenham ISD has appointed Brenham Junior High School Principal Michael Watts as the new principal of Brenham High School.

Michael Watts (middle row, second from right) and
family members join the Brenham School Board on
Monday after Superintendent Clay Gillentine's
announcement that Watts has been named the new
principal of Brenham High School.

Watts, who will transition to his new role at the conclusion of the current school year, fills the position of Jennifer Griffin, who is shifting into the district office to become the director of continuous learning.  That position became vacant due to the retirement of Peggy Still, who has served 31 years in Brenham ISD.

The announcement came at Monday’s school board meeting, followed by a round of applause from the audience.  Watts said he is thankful for all of the support and encouragement he has received, and is ready to get to work.

Watts was named as Brenham Junior High School principal in April 2022.  He has over 26 years of education experience, including service as an assistant principal and associate principal at Brenham High School, and as principal of the Pride Academy campus.

Superintendent Clay Gillentine said in a press release following the announcement that, “His passion for Brenham ISD students and the community is well known, and we believe his leadership will greatly benefit Brenham High School.”

Trustee Kelvin Raven, who worked as a school resource officer at the high school when Watts was there previously, told Watts, “Welcome home.”

Gillentine commented on Brenham ISD’s efforts to restructure and streamline operations and look from within for staff opportunities.  He said the district absorbed nearly 12 administrative positions over the past year, and all of those, including the superintendent position and now the junior high school principal position, were posted internally. 

Full press release from Brenham ISD:

Brenham Independent School District (Brenham ISD) is excited to announce the appointment of Michael Watts as the new Principal of Brenham High School, effective for the 2024-25 school year. Mr. Watts, who currently serves as Principal of Brenham Junior High School, will transition to his new role at the conclusion of the current school year.

Superintendent Clay Gillentine expressed his enthusiasm for Mr. Watts's appointment, stating, "We are confident that Michael Watts will receive a warm welcome as he joins the Brenham High School campus. His passion for Brenham ISD students and the community is well known, and we believe his leadership will greatly benefit Brenham High School."

This announcement comes as part of a broader effort by Brenham ISD to navigate the current fiscal state of public education. Superintendent Gillentine acknowledged the district's resilience and dedication over the past year, noting, "We have faced significant challenges and have had to make difficult decisions to ensure the continued success of our district. Currently, we have absorbed almost a dozen administrative positions from last year to this year, and all positions have been posted internally, including the superintendent position."

As Brenham ISD continues to restructure and streamline operations, the district remains committed to maintaining essential roles that support its goals and initiatives. One such position is the Director of Continuous Learning, which will become vacant due to the retirement of Peggy Still, who has dedicated 31 years of service to Brenham ISD. Despite the absorption of other administrative positions, the district has determined that this role is vital and will not be absorbed. Instead, it may evolve to better align with the district's needs.

In line with this strategic approach, Brenham High School Principal Jennifer Griffin will transition into the administrative position of Director of Continuous Learning for the next school year. This transition may involve adjustments in the role, responsibilities, and operational procedures as the position integrates into the broader district support framework.

Superintendent Gillentine emphasized the importance of internal opportunities for staff, stating, "The BJHS principal position has been posted internally. This approach allows our dedicated and talented staff to explore opportunities within the district while also being mindful of budget challenges to streamline operations and allocate resources more efficiently."

Brenham ISD is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and continued excellence in leadership. The district looks forward to the positive impact that Michael Watts will bring to Brenham High School and appreciates the ongoing support of its community, staff, and students.

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  1. This is great news for Brenham High School. Michael Watts is one of the best administrators that I ever had the pleasure of working with. I’m glad that BISD finally put him in the right position.

  2. This is a long time coming! BISD almost let one of the best get away! Congratulations Mr.Watts you are going to do AWESOME!!!!

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