The Burton School Board may opt to move on from DSA Construction Management at a special meeting on Monday.

Trustees will first go into executive session to consult with legal counsel concerning confidential matters.

Upon going into regular session, the board will consider possible action to terminate the contract with DSA as the construction manager agent.

Burton ISD entered into a contract with DSA in November 2021, shortly after the school bond measure was passed by voters, but the bond project has fallen behind schedule and community frustration has grown. 

At the board’s regular meeting on May 13th, upon learning for the first time that several bond contracts had been unsigned for months by the school district, trustees criticized DSA representatives for not bringing the matter to their attention sooner. 

The board will meet Monday at 7:30 a.m. in the Burton High School auditorium. 

What’s your Reaction?


  1. I’ve been working on site without a contract and no way of knowing how I am going to get paid now that DSA contract has been terminated. Who is the next General Contractor going to be? How will they treat us subcontractors?

  2. This is so disappointing and embarrassing at the same time.
    You all have let us down. I really fell for the kids that had hopes of attending a new school.
    If the board is holding people accountable, then they need to start with themselves. Step down. Terminating DSA is the first of many terminations that needs to take place throughout the Burton ISD system. These same board members approve contracts for staff that need to go, and don’t approve important contracts for the bond. They did not renew a superintendent’s contract early on during a bond project and still expected a good outcome. It appears, they’re in over their heads and it appears they’re trying to handle this in a “good ole boy” fashion, that doesn’t work in a project this size. It’s time for changes from the board down. The employment, and voting in, of family and friends need to stop. It’s one big click. At least 4 of the board members have, or have had, family working for the district at some point in their term.
    Ms. Curry has her hands full, and I wish her luck. I wouldn’t be surprised if she changed her mind and wouldn’t blame her for doing so.

  3. The Buton Board members were given such a wonderful “Gift” when the bond election allowed for Constuction and repairs to the school. The people of Burton trusted them to be good stewards of the money and they Failed the citizens of Burton the children that attend school there and the community. an opportunity wasted. that will certainly have long term effects on any future votes for a school bond.

  4. Need to be a law suit against them so we can get some money back and get back on schedule

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