The Brenham City Council will potentially vote on whether to allow the construction of a new gas station and convenience store at its meeting on Thursday, which will be held sooner than normal.

The meeting is being pushed up to 8:30 a.m. to allow councilmembers to attend The Barnhill Center’s Speaker Series luncheon being held later that morning.

The request from Adam Griffin of 30K Holdings, LLC is to demolish the former Terminix Pest Control building at East Blue Bell Road and Gay Hill Street and put in a Zippy J’s there. 

The Brenham Planning and Zoning Commission voted 3-2 at its meeting in May to approve the request, on the condition that a 10-foot screening fence be placed on the east property line between the proposed gas station and the adjacent Wee Care for All Childcare Center.  The property must also receive preliminary and final plats before the city issues a building permit.

During previous Planning and Zoning discussions on the topic in April and May, concerns were raised about the gas station’s potential impact to the daycare and about traffic at the site.

A public hearing will be held before action is taken on the item.

Also in session, the council will act on a temporary resale amendment to the city’s system water availability agreement with the Brazos River Authority (BRA).  After that, the council will take up a water supply resale agreement with The Dow Chemical Company.

The amendment allows the city to elect to resell excess water temporarily to a resale purchaser with prior approval from the BRA.  Last year, the city sold 387 acre-feet of the 774 acre-feet available, and it is now looking to sell the remaining 387 acre-feet.

In other items, the council will consider:

  • Adoption of a revised drought contingency plan and revised water conservation plan.  The amendments, which are required at least once every five years, reflect new information such as forecasted weather patterns.
  • Accepting a request for proposals related to HVAC replacement at the Brenham Municipal Airport terminal building.

The council will meet Thursday at 8:30 a.m. at Brenham City Hall.

Click here to view the agenda packet for Thursday's meeting.

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  1. I commend anyone who is brave enough to open a new business, I have owned my own company for 14 years I know the sacrifice it takes to keep it going, I cannot understand why people are complaining about this. In fact every time any company or business wants to build/add on or move to Brenham i read numerous complaints on KWHI. I am surprised any company wants to even come to Brenham after reading all the negative comments. I have never seen such a group of whinners and negative minded people in my life.

  2. Stop selling our water. Don’t we have 23 subdivisions on the books. So disappointed in your decisions. We are busting at the seams and have low water pressure as is.

    1. The city is selling unused allocation from Brazos River Authority. This is a temporary sale and does not impact existing supply from Somerville or water pressure. The sale proceeds of approximately $35,000 are welcome

  3. The ownership of the gas station store has already been justified green light approval by city council. I believe that the entire group of owners need to be called out. But that would be too transparent for this administration.

  4. It will get approved but still a very dumb idea for this location as there are 4-5 such stores within a mile of where this is proposed to be! City council should take into account what a cluster that area is already in the mornings when school is in session but doubtful they will and just slide Mr. Griffins request right in through!

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