Pedro Puga
(Brazos Co. Jail)

A Bryan teen accused of hitting and killing a Texas A&M student while driving intoxicated has had his bond reduced by a Brazos County judge.

18-year-old Pedro Puga was in court Wednesday asking for his bond to be reduced from $250,000.  Puga was 17 at the time of the crash in September that sent 19-year-old Carlynn Beatty to the hospital, where she later died.

Puga, who told authorities upon his arrest he “doesn’t deal with the laws”, admitted he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol while driving the car that struck Beatty.  He was charged with fleeing the scene of a crash involving a death, intoxication assault, evading arrest, and tampering with evidence.  He also faces charges of unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of marijuana in another case.

Carly Beatty

After hearing the arguments from witnesses and from both sides, Judge Karl Hawthorne lowered Puga’s bond to $168,000.  However, if out on bond, Puga must keep with a curfew between 4 p.m. and 7 a.m., check in once a week with a probation officer, and undergo regular drug testing and GPS monitoring and reporting.

The next court date for Puga has not been set.

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  1. We know our justice system is broken and if they let this young man out of jail on bond he truly will fly away to Mexico! Shame on our officials!

  2. This is sooooo unfair that Carly Beatty had her life taken way to early by someone who didn’t even stop after he hit Carly..and now he can get out of jail and LIVE his life when the entire Beatty Family and all of us who loved Caryl..feel her absences EVERYDAY…This person has shattered many lives FOREVER….how is this JUSTIFIED…

  3. Freaking UNBELIEVABLE! He doesn’t deal with the law!!!! It’s more like the law doesn’t deal with him. I am beyond disgusted with this judgement! When do the Beatty’s and Carly’s beautiful soul get justice?

  4. I do not understand why he was even allowed to apply for bond… at the time of his arrest, he was ALREADY out on bond for illegal gun and drug possession (two offences that even under “innocent until going through a trial” have pretty certain probable causes currently in the hands of the police) and being under the influence of alcohol and/or Xanax pretty much proved that he’s not going to obey any terms the Judge sets if he’s released, why give him another opportunity to “not deal with laws” and kill somebody else?

  5. This is outrageous:( what did the witness say to change a judges mind??? Also 19 year old is not to be drinking, let alone driving while Intoxicated. This should not be about his needs, but for Carly and her loved ones. He caused the unbearable pain to her siblings. Plus gave the parents the worst nightmare of all, which WILL cause life long grief. That doesn’t even account for all of the disastrous effects all the doctors, surgeons and nurses that have their all to save Carly. I would have expected more! Very very poor decision

  6. This is not okay! I believe in reform and forgiveness however this has been no time at all and by lowering his bond you are allowing a greater possibility for him to be harms way to 62,000+ students and every other adult/child in the towns of college station and Bryan! I have 2 children in CSTAT and am out raged! I know the family of Carly, the victim who lost her precious life and hurt with the family for this! I feel sorry for his family, but they can still see him behind bars. The Beatty family will never see Carly again and it would be HORRIFIC for another family to have to go through the same thing! Shame on the judge for so lightheartedly taking so many lives in consideration without enough concern!

  7. This is wrong. For public protection, the arrogant unlawful non-remorseful person should remain in custody without parole. He already admitted he “doesn’t deal with the laws”, so it seems careless and unreasonable to expect him to follow all the rules of being out on parole.

  8. There is something wrong with our laws. I agree with the about message. Four thing against the law, 1. under age drinking, 2 driving intoxicated, 3. hit and run and 4. where he get the liquor, who gave it to him or sold it to him. Since he does not deal with the law, just let him out of jail, so he don’t have to deal with the law. That is so wrong!!!!

  9. It should be Judge “Kyle” Hawthorne. If he is on your ballot, pay attention. Time for this guy to go.

  10. This causes me concern, you have a young man who has been arrested for hitting and killing an innocent victim and instead of expressing remorse, he responds by saying “doesn’t deal with the laws”. Now he wants to be given mercy and have his bond reduced, I think that is wrong. What about the grieving family left behind who now has to watch an arrogant youth possibly be released from jail. He should be left there until a trial or plea bargin is reached and then if convicted he should be sent to prison!

    1. …this is so wrong..Puga will be back in Mexico before sundown…he has already told the court he does not adhere to our laws…and those restrictions mean nothing..sound like some back-room dealings with lawyers and judges. He should have never been let out of now he can and most likely will commit another offense…sounds like Texas courts are following the New York model. Shame on our court system.

    2. Agreed. Reducing his bail is wrong. Fleeing the scene and resisting arrest and he gets his bond reduced! Makes no sense. Even at the hearing today, he showed no remorse. His mom testified that his dad is in Mexico. All of the above appears more than enough to establish him as a flight risk.

    3. This is an outrage! He clearly shows no remorse and the time of day free to roam around will not keep him from being being harmful to others. He will continue to do drugs. How can they let him bond out! My heart breaks for this family.

    4. Poor decision. This punishment should be based on the crime of killing a young girl. Not sure what anyone who witnessed this could say to reduce the bond! His crime is far reaching from the parents, siblings and medical staffs

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