Dr. Tylor Chaplin talks with school administrators Tuesday at the school board meeting.

The Brenham School Board officially hired Dr. Tylor Chaplin as its new superintendent Tuesday evening after waiting the required 21 days since selecting him as the lone finalist July 21st. Dr. Chaplin served as the superintendent of the Burkburnett school district since 2016. Burkburnett is located north of Wichita Falls. Chaplin has 25 years of experience in public education, serving as teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, and superintendent. His wife, Anita, is a newly hired elementary school teacher in Sealy. They have two daughters, Alexa and Cate. Alexa is a public school teacher in Fort Bend ISD, and Cate is a senior at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Chaplin’s official first day is September 1, but he is already meeting with teachers and administrators on the various campuses:

Starting school this year in the middle of a pandemic certainly presents many problems, but Chaplin sees it as an opportunity:

Dr. Chaplin signed a 3 year contract with the district at the school board meeting Tuesday evening.  His annual salary under the contract is $200,000.

Brenham's new school superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin poses with the members of the Brenham School Board Tuesday.

Official Press Release from Brenham ISD:

During tonight’s board meeting, the Brenham ISD School Board approved the hiring of Dr. Tylor Chaplin as the district’s new superintendent of schools.
“I am excited to be one of the newest members of Cub Nation and proud to join the oldest school district in the great state of Texas. Together we can continue a long-standing tradition of excellence and continue to build on the established foundation of learning that prepares each of our students for whatever future they choose.“ said Dr. Chaplin.

A leader in public education for 25 years, Dr. Chaplin comes to Brenham after serving as the superintendent in Burkburnett ISD for five years. He also previously served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal. Dr. Chaplin replaces Dr. Walter Jackson, Superintendent, who helped lead the district since April of 2015.

“Dr. Chaplin impressed the board throughout the selection process. His application and resume were outstanding, and in each interview, he rose to the top as a student-centered leader with the skills and experience to take Brenham ISD to the next level.” said Brenham ISD Board President, Natalie Lange.

Chaplin has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Education degree from Tarleton State University, and a Doctorate of Education in Education Leadership from Lamar University.

Brenham ISD, a district that continues to provide educational excellence and high student achievement to the Brenham community, welcomes Dr. Chaplin. His first day with the district will be September 1, 2020.


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  1. I want to point out something regarding masks:

    If you have a Heath condition you are EXCUSED from wearing one.

    It isn’t right to presume someone with no mask is just doing it to buck the system.

    I do agree on distancing rules; however, as an asthmatic who has been forced to wear masks and compromise her system because of the presumption – and does not care fir the separate but equal mentality of curbside – I ask please stop.

    You are risking making many of us really sick: if our systems break down and we get this respiratory virus we have an even greater chance of dying.

  2. Such petty responses here. With our “No Child Left Behind” mentality that leaves every child behind, we need to look in every direction to subvert it and keep communism out of schools.. I could care less about masks, they don’t work and they’re nothing but a virtue signal.

      1. It is a threat everywhere becuase kids get it in class from educators when parents aren’t around. This is a fact and documented over and over again in American towns smaller than Brenham. Anytime you see the words equity, systemic racism, intersectionality, privilege, marginalized (to name but a few) you are looking and hearing marxism. Many just don’t know it or how destructive and radical the language is. Watch out for “transformative” too. I encourage all to educate themselves on the origins of those words and don’t take anything at face value from the person you heard them from. Educate themselves on the people that came up with this stuff, you will find that none of them ever built anything and had everything handed to them. They set about changing culture through entertainment, media, and education; it has been the communist long term strategy since the 30’s. I have seen those words that I speak of right here in Brenham and many other places of the like.
        I wish that those words had not been said and said seriously, but they were. And you can tell that the educators think they know better because they read some books critical theory, gender and race theory and got an A+ on their book report on White Fragility and a diploma that says BS or PHD – Piled Higher and Deeper.

        No, at this point, I’d rather a businessman with no teaching certificate be teaching classes. Atleast they know what real human nature is and can separate reality from fantasy.

        1. Um just now. There are so many errors here that it’s impossible to know where to begin. What is really obvious is that you have no idea what Marxism is and you just connect any word you don’t like to Marxism. I mean, Marxism has been proven over and over to be a failed philosophy, but not everything scary is connected to it. Nor does simply teaching kids about the words you cited above mean that you are pushing Marxism. For example, when teaching American history you have to talk about racism and privilege if you are doing your job correctly since they are a part of American history.

          Also, your contempt for education and educators is offensive and shows your lack of the former.

          1. And let the first ad hominem ring as its impossible to know where to begin otherwise for a counter argument. Sure.

            Racism is one thing. Marxists talk about about systemic racism Systemic racism is a made up term to disrupt the greatest country in the history of the world (just as most of the word referenced are) simply by calling its founding, the founders and our Constitution racist. When the left can’t argue, they just call you a racist bigot or ignorant (if they can even say the word). Its the best they can do.
            It is a privilege to live in this country. It is a privilege to have a Bible available to learn from but that’s not the context taught in schools anymore. Because in a country like China or Cuba, they don’t just let you leave on your own free will if you don’t like it. Nor do they allow you to worship anything outside of the state without their approval on what is being taught and learned. So the word privilege has been coopted by the left as a another word for oppressor and marginalized as a another word for oppressed. Again, it is to disrupt and divide a country to create chaos and through chaos, gain power.
            As far as the words themselves, one should use them to identify flawed communist thinking. They are not scary. What is scary is that these made up words and phrases are being taught by people that believe them and believe they are educated as a piece of paper says so.
            They believe they are required to teach their communist dogma to my children, and the children of people that are not informed. Is that you Jake?

            Jake, when the oath of citizenship is taken, and you must renounce the country you come from, is that racist or part of systemic racism as you say?

            Here’s one, and this is tip of the iceberg one – Multiculturalism
            Who invented that?
            Answer : “Stuart McPhail Hall FBA was a Jamaican-born British Marxist sociologist, cultural theorist and political activist.”

          2. No errors in what I said. The terms are all connected to marxism as a means to empower the “marginalized” and hamstring the “privileged” . In other words, the oppressed proletariat need to be freed from the oppressive bourgeoisie. Marx 101. Create division though imagined victims, cause chaos, and through the chaos; gain power. Corrupt and co-opt cultural institutions of education, media, and entertainment, it has been an evil communist plan since the 1930’s.

            I don’t have to be and Americans don’t need to be marxists or educators to recognize fiction is being pitched as reality by “educators” seeking to corrupt children like cowards under the facade of educating them.

            When proud Americans teach the word “privilege”, they always use it in the context of being privileged to be born in this country. Privileged to be a immigrant that renounces their old country (and culture) to be a part of the singular and superior American Judeo-Christian culture of hard working, self-sacrificing, two parent nuclear households. All one has to do to understand the absolute truth of that last statement is to know and understand the work of Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story.

            Jake, I wonder, do you think the oath of citizenship is racist?
            Do you teach multiculturalism to children vs pluralism?

  3. Brenham ISD Board – Children who will return to in person learning will be required to be “Cub Strong, Mask On”, follow all social distancing rules, have a new classroom experience and change the very way they have known their education life since pre-school. SO, the very LEAST that you all can demand within your circle of leadership is that all of you follow those same guidelines and rules that our students, teachers and staff will be required to do. Incredible display of poor leadership and hypocrisy. I’m certain there will be a line of able, willing and better leaders ready to run for a board spot in 2021.

  4. What kind of example is Mr. Ehlert setting for students by not wearing a mask? Maybe he should “take a hike” until he finds one to wear.

  5. As you can see, there is one board member who does not have a mask, is shaking hands, and breathing down the neck of the new superintendent. I guess he thinks he is smarter than everyone else, or maybe its just the opposite.

  6. Mr. Ehlert , Not real sure what point you are trying to make! No mask at the meeting, and breathing down Dr. Chaplin’s neck and shaking hands during the photo session. You broke every pandemic protocol. Fine example you are setting for all to see ! Maybe you will “take a hike” after the next election !!

  7. I love it. Our kids are going to go to school and be forced to socially distance themselves from one another but the school board can cozy up to each other for a photo op.

    1. It is not the photo op that I mind. It is the message that one member is sending to the kids that angers me. If we don’t hold one member responsible for following the rules, how can we hold any of the kids responsible for following the same rules?

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