The Brenham Planning and Zoning Commission will meet this (Tuesday) afternoon to discuss land east of Old Masonic Road and north of Ava Drive being considered for a new subdivision.

The Commission will hold a public hearing to replat 11.3 acres of vacant land for single-family residential use.  The owner, Oaks Texas City, LLC, is seeking to use the land to build the Overlook Estates Subdivision, consisting of eleven homes.

While city staff are recommending approval of the item, the city has received a pair of comments from property owners against the development.  Tom and Jo Yanchak and Al Ehlert, residents of Ava Drive, all voiced disapproval of the new subdivision, saying they purchased their properties believing there would not be further development in the area.  They also expressed concerns about the property being built close to a creek.

Commissioners will also discuss a zoning change for the Brenham Market Square development on South Market Street.  The applicant, Brenham Market Square, LP, has requested that a portion of the subject property be rezoned from mixed residential use, in order for the entire property to be zoned for commercial research and technology use.  The property owner is looking to repurpose a single-family home near South Market Street as a sales office to serve the adjacent future commercial development.

The Commission will meet this afternoon at 5:15 p.m., at Brenham City Hall.

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  1. I lived in Houston all my life and as Houston started to grow I realized that more concrete more rapid flooding so please don’t destroy ya’ll meadow. Leave It the way it is

  2. Brenham officials don’t care about what we think. You can voice yourself all you want but believe me they are personally benefiting one way or another. Stores can’t even stay open an if they do it’s only Wednesday through Saturday. No ones making a living but craft beer and barbecue. Turning into a town of drunks, crooks and snobs. That includes Blue Bell to.

  3. What about the Old Masonic Cemetary (yellow fever epidemic cemetary)? Is that protected?

    1. As a recorded, deeded, and Historic Texas Cemetery, the Masonic (Yellow Fever) Cemetery is protected from encroachment and development. The local Lodge is undertaking conservation of several stones, and 2 scouts are working towards their Eagle Scout rank by cleaning the brush in and around the cemetery.

  4. Excuse my ignorance but is now the right time to approve a new residential subdivision in Brenham? Many of us who are older and immune compromised feel we need to stop the growth of new people coming to our area until a vaccine is created for COVID 19. The eleven new homes in this planned new neighborhood will mean that potentially eleven new families moving to our area, all potentially bringing COVID 19 to our area during the height of this pandemic. Please people stay inside your home unless for needed supplies, get tested and wear a mask and let’s really think about the dangers of the movement of people into our town until there is a cure.

    1. With great respect, the idea that we should limit the growth of our town out of fear of this virus seems to be very shortsighted. I am sorry you are afraid, but to say that we should say no to growth, lock ourselves in our homes, and treat everyone we encounter like they are all personally the incubus of viral plague is not a lifestyle I want to lead, and I think most other people feel the same way. We have flattened the curve which was the original goal, now they want us locked away until there are zero cases. That is impractical and a horrible thing for our people and our economy. Do what you must do to protect yourself, but to limit everyone else takes our are freedom, our liberty, and our basic human rights. Enough of all this panic, we need some common sense to prevail.

    2. There’s never going to be a cure, and honestly a vaccine won’t happen either.

      We have none for simple flu.

      I do agree however building a subdivision when most will not have money to consider buying a home for a year or two is shortsighted.

      1. If somebody wants to spend money locally on a project that brings jobs to the local people, and if their project complies with municipal ordinances, I do not feel that they should be discouraged. It is not the City’s place to mandate a minimum amount of profit that an investor should expect. It is certainly not as though the City would suffer from a few vacant lots if the investor fares poorly.

        As for Miss Jackson, the time horizon for land to be developed and houses to be built and occupied is probably at least a year. It would likely be several years before all lots are built on and sold and occupied. Here again, it’s hard to see the risk. What is the alternative, that those households move outside the city limits but nearby? Somebody that wants to move to Brenham is unlikely to change their mind because these eleven homes aren’t eventually built.

  5. I keep reading about all the new subdivisions coming to Brenham, But I never see them materialize. What ever happened to the David weekly homes coming to Brenham? Is it still in the works?

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