The Brenham Planning and Zoning Commission will meet Monday to look at a rezoning request for nearly 77 acres of land being considered for new housing.

A concept showing the proposed Liberty Village subdivision off Blue Bell Road and Highway 36 North.
(courtesy City of Brenham)

Commissioners will consider rezoning vacant land adjacent to Blue Bell Road, Burleson Street and Highway 36 North.  Philip Bargas, on behalf of home developer DR Horton, is looking to rezone the tract from a combination of Residential and Commercial Research and Technology District to a Planned Development District, to develop a single-family home subdivision.

Development standards for the subdivision, coined “Liberty Village”, say it will feature a looped trail system and sports equipment in detention/common areas; a centralized public park with a looped walking path, playground facilities, and a pavilion; and a sidewalk connection to Brenham Elementary School, coordinated with Brenham ISD.  The applicant is proposing over 300 single-family homes to be built in three phases.

Staff are recommending approval of the rezoning request.

Also in session Monday, the commission will consider a preliminary plat for 29 acres at the Prairie Lea Cemetery, to allow for expansion of the cemetery.  Staff are recommending approval of the preliminary plat request.  The final plat will be presented at the commission’s meeting on January 27th.

The commission will meet Monday evening at 5:15 p.m., at Brenham City Hall.

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  1. In the mid 90’s Brenham had a major revamp on the zoning districts. The mission statement of the revamp was to maintain the small town character and open spaces. Many landowners lost property rights for uses on their commercial properties and destroyed inner city commercial property values with the 1990’s zoning revamp. Now the open spaces in neighborhoods is a thing of the past. Now the small town character is a thing of the past. My grandkids have lost their small town.

  2. People have to understand that cost have to be cut so that starter homes can be bought by first time homebuyers. I remember when the homes behind dairy bar we’re listed at $45,000. Someone mentioned Highland Meadows earlier, do you remember these homes sold for $60-$70,000? These new homes are selling in the 160,ooo to 200,000 range. Back in the good old days, Houston ended around Spring branch. And now it’s creeped all the way out to Waller. Land is no longer an unlimited commodity that can be bought for $950 an acre. Yep times are changing.

  3. Will these houses be affordable on the little bitty lots? Is there a maximum/minimum square footage for the homes? Will there be lot line restrictions or setback restrictions? How about easements? Are the homes single or multiple story?

  4. Yes, it is nice to see spacious yards and appealing landscaping too, but NOT everyone can afford the price tag of these large lot homes. Brenham desperately needs affordable homes. Apartments are full, home rentals hard to come by, especially affordable ones. So enjoy the older homes or newer ones in affluent neighborhoods, they will for the most part remain. But remember there are those who need a neighborhood home and their own backyard no matter how small. And in this world of dwindling good water supplies, forty years from now continually irrigating lush landscapes will be frowned upon.

  5. I think This is great news , Glad to see this new subdivision being added, It sounds nice with its walking trails. I currently live on a 1 acre lot in a country subdivision, But when I get older and can no longer take care of a large home on a larger lot I will be moving to a home like these being built. I see complaining about “small lots” but that is the New normal every where ( Houston , Bryan, even Bellville) lots of people who either are too busy Or Have young children and jobs that keep them away from home for long hours , or older and not able to take care of a large yard want a smaller lot , The proof of that is the homes already built on smaller lots in Brenham sell as fast as they can be built. a small home on a small lot is not for everyone, But I am amazed that it seems to “Bother” people so much. To each is own, If you like the in Town houses with smaller yards great move there. If you don’t like them then don’t move there and let the people who live there be proud of their home and enjoy it.

  6. I agree. The previous city managers and current city managers and officials have really changed Brenham housing standards. My grandkids call the old neighborhoods Brenham homes and the new little yard houses the Houston houses.

  7. I am glad that Highland Meadows was not a subdivision that was allowed with these little bitty lots and little bitty yards.

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