A concept showing proposed housing development off of Blue Bell Road and Highway 36 North.
(courtesy City of Brenham)

New housing development is in the works by Brenham Elementary School.

Brenham’s Development Services Department has received a rezoning request for land north of the elementary school, and east of Blue Bell Road and Highway 36 North.

The proposed subdivision, coined Liberty Village, would have approximately 330 single family homes, along with a ten-acre tract for commercial development at the corner of Highway 36 and Blue Bell Road.

The announcement was made at the Washington County Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn session Tuesday, held at the Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library. Development Services Director Stephanie Doland spoke at the luncheon, discussing the city’s rising population and subsequent need for housing.

Citing data from the city’s Comprehensive Plan process, including population projections and existing home data, Doland said the city needs 1,271 more housing units.

A slide from Brenham Development Services Director Stephanie Doland's presentation Tuesday, breaking down the city's need for more housing.
(courtesy City of Brenham)

Using the Ralston Creek Estates as an example, by multiplying the 116 single-family lots in Ralston Creek with the average household size of 2.37, about 275 residents live in Ralston Creek.

If the city has a need to house 3,012 new residents, that means the city would need approximately 11 new subdivisions the size of Ralston Creek, in order to accommodate further growth.

Doland said the Liberty Village subdivision comes as a direct response to—and should help greatly with—the city’s growing need for housing.



Doland said the subdivision is in preliminary stages, so it is not yet known what type of housing it will provide. However, through feedback received by the Development Services Department, the city is potentially looking at a lot of first-time home buyers.



The Liberty Village rezoning request will be considered by Planning and Zoning Commissioners at their meeting on December 16th, then by the Brenham City Council in January 2020.

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  1. One of the few wooded areas left inside the city limits. Over 1000 trees could be effected. Maybe an environmental study should be done first before they start clearing the land?

    1. If you know what your looking at there are junk trees that take over your property and cost a lot of money to get rid of them. There are called Huisache. … Huisache is often one of the first tree species to invade abandoned fields and waste places, so many Texans are more familiar with it as brush than as a tree. Young branches are fully armed with white thorns (the name is a Nahuatl term for “many thorns”) but these become less obtrusive as the plant matures.

  2. I know home owners that have had terrible problems with drainage in the current subdivisions because the newly built home next door is higher. This should be a serious concern for our builders an our neighbor…. Now not only do we have high property and land taxes we have to pay for a French drain and hope for the best!

  3. Our taxes should go down. With as many new homes being built and the proposed amount of new homes – the amount of taxes that will be collected should bring down taxes.

    But not Brenham, oh no…… We need to approve more so we can be in debt more and raise the pay off our city officials.

  4. I think that with all the subdivisions that are being put in we don’t need to keep raising the taxes on everyone. I’m in the rental business and they are killing me when it comes to real estate taxes. I cannot charge enough rent to make it profitable. There is only so much you can charge people. But you all think it is no ceiling. You better quet wasting the money. Cutback like we have been doing. It is just that simple
    With all the new housing coming into Brenham there should be an enormous amount of extra taxes being collected.

  5. We need to highlight Brenham’s need for more rent-based housing. As a young adult who was born and raised in Brenham, now in my 20’s I am having to consider leaving due to lack of affordable housing that doesn’t cater towards families, or first-time home buyers. While we do have SOME rent-based apartments and houses, the pricing is absolutely insane. Most of our apartments are so outdated and run down, yet cost upwards of $300 more per month than College Station or Houston. It seems like we are having a new retirement community built every year, yet I see no apartments being built? We need to do better if we want to keep Brenham natives from having to leave.

  6. Is this subdivision for some more of those houses on those little bitty lots. I was at a buddies house where the houses have a ten foot front yard and only five foot next to the property line to the neighbor’s house. I grew up in the Atlow neighborhood where there was plenty of room. The city back then did allow neighborhoods to have the homes crammed in small spaces and on top of one another. Crammed in houses don’t look good if you grew up here. Brenham mayor and commissioners should not allow, previous country mayor would not have allowed.

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