The Brenham Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff's Office have announced they will not cite, detain or arrest anyone violating the Governor’s executive order to wear a face mask in public.

Chief Ron Parker
(courtesy photo)

Brenham Police Chief Ron Parker and Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak say they have received many calls regarding Executive Order # 29.

In a joint press release the two said, “officers and deputies are not medically qualified to dispute such claims as experience breathing difficulties, claustrophobia, etc. while wearing masks, and will first attempt to de-escalate any quarrelsome situations, inform, and educate members of the public of the Governor’s Executive Order.”

Sheriff Otto Hanak

The two went on to say they are requiring their officers and deputies to wear facial coverings when dealing with the public.  They will also continue to educate the public on coverings and will enforce trespassing laws to remove violators at the request of business and property owners.

Anyone with questions may contact the Brenham Police Department at 979-337-7337 or the Washington County Sheriff's Office at 979-277-6251.

Below is the complete press release, in its entirety:

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  1. Mask vs shutdown? I choose to wear the mask. Abbott said next step is shutting down again if people are not willing to wear the mask. Please wear the mask as advised. I do not want to go through a shutdown again and end up being broke. It’s not that hard to wear a mask when out in public. So if you choose not to wear a mask, then you are only thinking about yourself, and don’t be crying when they shut everything down again, because you are wanting to do what you wanna do. You are not helping anybody else and are the reason why we are where we are today

  2. I read that an uncontacted tribe in south america was somehow confirmed to be exposed to this virus…seems like like its here and its going to stay……but we are lucky to have men protecting us from the attempt by some people to force us to do things that are unnatural and sometimes counterproductive. I wear my mask out of concern for others……sometimes….but …..its a 100 degrees outside…and sometimes I CANT BREATHE

  3. Go Brenham liberty loving Sheriffs and Police department. Y’all should never had been put in this situation to begin with nor should businesses or the people who live here. I think with the political climate y’all have enough things to worry about like staying safe and coming home each night after you selflessly go to work to help the citizens of this community each day. Thank you for being brave and taking a stand against this madness. You guys really deserve a medal for this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have my vote forever.

  4. I have heard there is a petition to ask the Brenham city manager to organize a team of “volunteer mask compliance officers” who will be deputized to fine any non-mask wearing scofflaws in the public spaces of Brenham. The businesses of Brenham need this help to enforce the public health order. I for one wish that people would be more compliant and just follow orders so that we don’t have to resort to “mask patrols” but I guess it will come to that due to the libertarian streak in so many local yokels. As a California native who helped run a Home Owners Association, I welcome anything that will reign in these selfish people who put their own political beliefs ahead of our collective public health.

    1. Hahahahahhahahhaahhha. Of course. She’s from California! Well, with all due respect, don’t California my Texas. You are more than welcome to leave with your weird spy on your neighbors ideas.

    2. This is Texas. You are welcome to move back to California if it is not to your liking here. If you leave a location for greener pastures, don’t try to turn that place into the place you left.

    3. I see the problem. You’re a California native that helped run a home owners association. This Brenham Freaking Texas. We don’t have home owner associations. If you feel like you need to have control over other people you are the problem. Please go back to California.

    4. I can picture Gina. Please go back to California. Texas doesn’t need any of California’s brilliant ways of doing things. They’ve already destroyed what was once a great state. Don’t be a busy body and leave our American freedoms alone.

    5. “Volunteer mask compliance officers” are you kidding me. The last thing in the world we need is a bunch of left coast trained Barney Fife and Gomer Pile’s running around screaming “CITIZENS ARREST, CITIZENS ARREST”! Can you honestly picture how that would go? Good luck getting me to give you my ID or tell you my name, much less complying with someone empowered by a former HOA president. I cannot seriously believe anyone would believe such nonsense in Brenham. Out of respect for the person who posted, please understand there is a reason we choose not to live in California or to have HOA’s in Brenham, if you want that life style then I suggest you return to where that was popular. The mask Nazi’s are getting out of control. I wear my mask most of the time, but there are valid medical reasons some people cannot. I suggest we learn some tolerance and practice proper social distancing. Lastly, we really should be minding our own business, and leave others well enough alone. This silly behavior has got to end!

      1. I’m still amazed that the commenter referred to us as “local yokels” and doubled down by admitting to being a California native!

  5. It’s good to know, based on the comments here, that the people of Washington County really don’t care about themselves, their own children, or really anyone else. In our county alone, over 25 children have been diagnosed with Covid and with the number of people walking around mask-less, in defiance of the Governors order, that number will surely rise. I hope those of you who don’t want to wear a mask never have to cradle your own child, gasping for breath, turning blue from a lack of oxygen. And I also hope you all realize that if hospitalized, your child may have to die alone. What a small inconvenience to save a child, and what a sign of abject cruelty to refuse to do so. Shame on you!

    1. Please advise as to your source of info concerning 25 children contracting COVID. Thank you.

    2. Real Americans are tired of your liberal scare tactics. Take your weak, liberal ways somewhere else.

    3. What percentage of children die from COVID-19? At least back up your fear-mongering with data.

  6. Before the deluge of comments start, Governor Abbott’s order is just that–an order, with no statute or law to support it. No different than the “order” you give when going to a restaurant; you can let the staff know what you WANT, but you are not guaranteed to get it, nor do they have to give it to you based on a LAW. While it may seem non-productive for him to have even issued such an order, I’m sure it was done in mind for gaining the most political backing at the time the decision was made. Quite possibly, the unenforceability of the order was in the plan all the time.

  7. Well said.
    That is one of the many reasons why Washington County Texas is one of the best places to live.
    Respect for personal freedoms and individual, god given rights.
    I wear a mask when needed, to help the businesses I visit keep working.
    I do not if I feel, I FEEL, that it is not necessary, or it is giving me problems.
    My body, my choice, goes both ways.
    I do not crowd anyone, get in their personal space, or get closer than 6′ to most people on any given day.
    I have been washing my hands, and practicing healthy activities since I was a boy.
    It is nice to see that the Sherriff and Cheif understand that most adult Texans can make those decisions themselves.
    If I feel worried, or not safe, or offened by a business or situation, I will stay home.
    Way to go y’all.
    You have my vote.

  8. This sounds typical of the situation , business owners and managers should ban together and file trespass charges on these non compliant people , once they get banned from enough businesses they will have no place to go to spreading anything. Problem solved.

    1. Seriously? File trespass charges. That sounds like something they would do in China or Russia. Last time I checked we still lived in the USA,. I think everyone has a right to decide if they wear a mask or not..

    2. Then who will shop at their businesses?? We don’t have to go anywhere now to physically shop, we can get all we need online and delivered to our homes!!!!

  9. Wow people are “tattletaling” on people not wearing masks? I remember my grandmother saying no one likes a tattletale!! What a bunch of weak crybabies!!! Get a life people and live the one you have!! Freedoms are dwindling by the day!!

    1. Yes the people trying to do everything they can to slow down this virus are the crybabies, not the child-like adults throwing a temper tantrum over the “widdle cwolth ober der fwace.” 🙄

        1. It’s not just me that I’m concerned about. This is where you miss the point completely.

  10. And a BIG THANK YOU goes out to the City of Brenham PD and to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department for this. I will wear a mask if and when I want !!

  11. Very good advise. and as for as quarrelsome situation people need to mind their own business. I may not agree with the governor but I will wear a mask in public. If I see someone not wearing a mask I will maintain the 6 feet. I will not confront someone wearing or not wearing the mask. If you are that scared then stay home. All it takes is common sense.

    1. I love the lady from California even if my opinion differs. Be kind and respect each other

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