The Brenham School Board will consider approval of an energy savings project at its meeting Monday evening.

The board is looking at the possibility of changing campus lighting across the district. In order to save energy, it is considering changing to LED light bulbs at each of the campuses at Brenham ISD.

Assistant Superintendent Paul Aschenbeck called it a “self-funded project”, saying the district would work with state funding to pursue the project.  It would then pay the state back over time, with the money it saves on energy costs. He projects about an 8 to 10 year payback period.

Aschenbeck noted that the board is not looking to use district money to fund the project. He was unable to give a price range for the project, but he said he would present one at the meeting.

In other items, trustees will consider final payment to Crain Group, LLC, for the Krause Elementary School renovation. Krause Elementary is at the final stages of its restoration.  After submitting final payment, the board will look at an overview of the budgeted amount, along with what money was spent and what is left.

The board will also consider bids for property, liability, and automobile insurance for this school year.  In addition, it will hold a public hearing on the school’s FIRST financial accountability rating.

Trustees will also receive an administrative report and activity update, along with a special education update. In addition, they will look at a budget amendment and monetary donations.

The board will meet Monday evening at 6 p.m., in rooms 111 and 113 of Brenham High School.

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