Brenham City Council members went into a lengthy executive session after their open meeting today (Thursday).  On the agenda for the executive session was consideration of a lease of the city’s old landfill property on Allen Road to Roy Burger and his film company RB Film Productions.  Burger leased the property back in January of 2016, but it apparently has not been used.  Burger released a statement last week that the “Burning of Brenham” movie has had a number of setbacks, but that he was still committed to making it.  City Manager Terry Roberts said that no action was taken after the executive session and that a lease would be drafted by the City Attorney and presented a future council meeting.

Council members were also scheduled to look into candidates for the City Manager’s position.    Terry Roberts has served 17 years in that position and is retiring January 31st.  Roberts said that in today’s (Thursday’s) executive session, councilmembers selected a number of candidates that will be interviewed in person on November 8th.

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