Governor Greg Abbott has announced that Texas will build a border wall along the state’s boundary with Mexico.

Governor Greg Abbott

Abbott announced the plans on Thursday at a Border Security Summit in Del Rio, where he hosted various representatives from around the state to discuss the state’s plan of action to address the “ongoing humanitarian crisis” at the southern border.

While Abbott shared few specifics on the border wall, he said he would provide more details next week.  The Biden administration previously issued a proclamation stopping the border wall construction started under former President Donald Trump.

Other border initiatives announced by Abbott include a state budget allocation of $1 billion to increase border security, the creation of a Governor’s Task Force on Border and Homeland Security, and plans to increase arrests at the border and capacity at local jails.

Abbott also said he and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will invoke the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, and will ask other states to send law enforcement officials to assist in making arrests and jailing.

Abbott called this situation “an unprecedented crisis,” and blamed it on the Biden administration’s immigration policies.  Abbott claimed the state is responding with “the most robust and comprehensive border plan the nation has ever seen.”

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  1. we have to protect america now if president biden does not agree then he needs to step down as our president

    1. Protect America from what exactly? You do realize that parts of the border go all the way to California right?! Abbot is only talking about the wall here in Texas so how is that length of wall “protecting” the entire country? Where you do think he should get this money to fund the wall from?

      And President Biden doesn’t have to answer to Abbot. He is the president. Not Abbot. And I am thankful for that!

  2. How Governor Abbott intends to pay for said wall is a mystery. We don’t pay state income tax so where does he intend to get $1B, or rather, where will he misdirect funds from? I have a suggestion: Given that the PUC isn’t going to face any repercussions even though it’s known that they flat ignored guidelines to winterize power plants in 2011, LET THEM PAY FOR IT. An intentional decision was made not to act to protect the citizens of our state in favor of personal profit. We can come up with a billion between those monsters.

  3. I thought that the border wall issue had died a rather slow and silent death, but I see it still going. President Trump, in January of 2020, promised that the wall would be built and his total price came out to be around 20 million dollars per mile, or almost $3,800 per foot. I certainly hope that the governor does not expect the residents of Texas to pay for a wall at that cost. While building the wall might generate new jobs, I think it’s safe to say that in looking at who was constructing the wall in 2020, it will be many of the same types who are building roads and doing construction work–those who are willing to do hard, manual labor and work in the elements.
    As well, it’s feasibly and financially impossible to jail every illegal immigrant that crosses into the nation or state. By some accounts, 200,000 persons were entering this country illegally every month since the start of the year. Does the State of Texas have space for an extra 100,000 or 200,000 persons to be incarcerated? Even if they are arrested and detained, I’m sure the gov’t can’t keep them in for the remainder of their life, because then they WOULD have made it to the US and would be taken care of on all accounts. When they are released and deported, they will try and try again. Simple solutions? Not a chance.

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