Joshua Christopher Crowley
(Washington Co. Jail)

Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak says the suspect in a shooting at a Burton convenience store has been taken into custody, and his son, who was at the center of an Amber Alert, has been safely located.

According to an email Monday evening from Hanak, 36-year-old Joshua Christopher Crowley of Round Rock was arrested without incident in Harris County Monday afternoon by the United States Marshal's Service.

The child, 4-year-old Wyatt Crowley, has been found safe and healthy, and has been reunited with his mother.

The Marshal's Service was assisted in the arrest by the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the Texas Rangers.

Wyatt Crowley
(Texas DPS)

Hanak said the cooperation between federal, state, county and city law enforcement officers was "invaluable" in determining the suspect's location and preventing further harm to the child.

Joshua Crowley is charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, with bond set at $75,000.

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  1. Nice and quick work law enforcement. Thank you. Courts, your turn. No doubt you will, Washington County.

  2. This is a all too often, sad situation. The young man obviously has to pay for his actions, if convicted. He is/was the son of a mother and father. Where did things go wrong growing up. There’s too many scenarios. I realize when you reach a certain age, you can only blame yourself for your choices. Looking back in my mid 60’s, I can imagine if someone hadn’t shared “The Gospel ” with me in my early 20’s, I would of gone through what he is going through.

  3. Since the suspect shot at a building from a car, I think he can now be charged with a first degree felony, and he can get between 5 and 99 years and have to pay up to $10,000. It would also seem that there would be a slew of other charges that would be stacked up and it might keep him in jail until his son is middle-aged (if society is lucky). I guess we’ll have to wait and see how tough our criminal justice system is on this individual…

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