The Round Top Schützen Verein will hold its 9th Annual OktoBierFest next Saturday (10/24).

Due to the current Covid situation, the go ahead from Fayette County officials was just recently received.

The event starts at 11AM at the Schuetzenpark at the Round Top Rifle Assn Hall.

There will be a full menu of Oktoberfest food.  Traditional German Brass Band Musik also starts at 11 leading up to 12 o’clock when the Ceremonial Keg is rolled out for the Grand Opening of the Festival. The keg will be tapped by the current reigning Schuetzenkoenig (Shooting King), JB Cravens.  He will serve his guests until the barrel runs dry.

There will be many different brands of German Bier. Some are served from the keg and a large variety of bottled brew.

Entertainment lasts until 8:00 p.m.  Tables will be set up to accommodate social distancing. Attendees are encouraged to wear masks.

For more information, visit www.roundtoprifle.com or Round Top Rifle Assn on Facebook.


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