With the recent mass shooting at a church in Southerland Springs, Texas, responding to active shooters was an important topic at last (Monday) night’s Brenham School Board Meeting.

Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman briefed the Board about a training program that has been implemented for teachers in the Brenham School District.  CRASE….an acronym for Civilian Response to an Active Shooting Event….is being presented to teachers on all of the campuses in the District.  Goodman said CRASE evolved after the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado, and the shooting at Virginia Tech University.  He said the program has been updated frequently over the years as they learn from more recent events.

Chief Goodman told the Board that the 4 hours of training have been condensed to 45 minutes of intensive learning for teachers and administrators of the District.  He said the latest protocol for an active shooting event is another acronym…ADD.  Avoid the event if possible by getting away.  Deny entry to the shooter to wherever you are.  If that is not possible, Defend yourself any way you can.  Goodman said he believes locking each classroom door should be a given at schools.  He also encouraged everyone, should they see or hear something out of the ordinary, to tell someone in authority immediately.

Goodman said the Police Department and the Administration of BISD have been working hand in hand to continually improve the ability of all Brenham campuses to handle such situations.  The most recent improvement is that Central Dispatch now has the ability to access any camera in the District in order to better direct the response of law enforcement.  Goodman says the CRASE program is also being offered to Brenham’s private schools, and to businesses who request it.

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