The total number of Covid-19 cases in Washington County now stands at 335.

That total is 17 more than were reported on Monday.

The new positive cases include 11 females and 6 males including one child below the age of nine and one teenager.  All of the new positive cases are reported to be recovering at home, and contracted the disease through community spread.

The total of active cases now stands at 122, with 181 recovered, two currently hospitalized and 32 deaths are reported.

The report also indicates that there are now no active cases at the Brenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The center had reported a total of 112 cases: 87 residents and 25 employees.  Eighty-eight of the cases have recovered, while 24 have died from the disease.

The county has conducted a total of 4,148 tests.

To view the full list of confirmed cases in the county, go online to


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  1. Just a reminder. We have local and state officials that we should be calling and emailing. It would be nice to get some help. Our liberties and rights are being eroded every day. None of this adds up anymore. We shut schools so we could curb the spread …. but now we are opening them as this supposed case count ticks up? Which is it? Our state can’t keep telling us that we have to cover our faces, stay away from one another and be scared of everyone and everything, but only allow people to protest and destroy things while shutting down the lives of everyday Americans and also demand we open schools? They are asking UIL to decide if sports are safe while going on every news outlet trying to scare us with growing numbers? How can that be? How are these people supposed to say yes to sports but demand the rest of students wear masks and stay six feet apart? Someone has some serious explaining to do. Questions are being raised as to the why the high case counts? They say the reason is because they have probable cases being mixed in with actual tests. Maybe not here but absolutely it’s going on in larger areas. They have contact tracers who add the people who haven’t tested positive BUT have been in close proximity to positive people to the list and therefore cases of the state have grown exponentially higher. All sorts of people and different organizations are all asking these questions right now. We should all be asking them to…. they can’t have it both ways. Now we are being told do what they demand (wear masks and stay away from others) or they will shut us down again. Reps in Denton are literally saying “If there ever was a time for civil disobedience this would be it.” What will school be like for children wearing masks? What will it be like to be the kid who gets it (which they will) and who shuts the school down for 5 days? So every time a kid tests positive the school just closes? There will be no learning, no way to keep kids on track, no sports to look forward to, problems with breathing in their own carbon dioxide all day and heath and mental health issues that will come just from that. Most adults can’t deal with one for thirty minutes while in a store but they want kids to wear them all day? If I had to choose now I would do a homeschool program instead of doing it electronically through the school. At least that way the districts start getting the point that if they plan to do school with 1/20th the things they use to offer they should not get paid the full amount for my child. The goal post was moved from the number of deaths to the number of cases. That is not right. We didn’t agree to that. The cdc and state of Texas changed the criteria for counting cases and Collins County is on record and video saying that if they do it that way the cases will go way up and the results will give a misleading view of what’s going on. This is all on mainstream and local news outlets. Look for yourself. This has to end. Use your voices. Contact your officials. Also Tuesday is Election Day here for a judges race. Go vote. You mine as well exercise this right to vote while we still have it.

  2. Good to know that BNR has their covid
    situation under control, hopefully soon this
    virus will be behind us.

  3. It’s amazing what happens when people start getting tested I knew the numbers would go up it’s just a few community in Washington County was slow to have the test done there’s thirty-five thousand people in that county it’s going to get a lot larger it’s a lot different in reality in what was posted a while back by a doctor on this website I believe it was said it was under control it’s never going to be under control people won’t listen

  4. It’s not just a nursing home anymore. Until local law enforcement makes ANY effort to actually close the bars/ beer joints, our numbers will rise. Just drive by these establishments between the hours of 6 and 10, they willfully flaunt the law. More of our seniors and weak will die due to this neglect. Lord save us from our fellow man.

  5. Are we going to keep a daily record of every person that contracts the flu during flu season? This is crazy. I would imagine most everyone will get this at one time or another, just like the flu. When will the scare hype stop? I imagine not until after the election.

  6. But how many deaths ? Everyone reports cases with more testing of course there are more cases .The death toll is what really matters as well ,that way people will see it is not that deadly .

    1. The report stated 24 deaths

      “The center had reported a total of 112 cases: 87 residents and 25 employees. Eighty-eight of the cases have recovered, while 24 have died from the disease.

      The county has conducted a total of 4,148 tests.”

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