Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss is asking members of the Texas State Preservation Board to remove a plaque at the State Capitol that he says “distorts the history of the Civil War.”

The plaque was erected in 1959 by the Texas Division of the “Children of the Confederacy”.

Strauss says the plaque is “inaccurate” and that “Texans are not well-served by incorrect information.”

Local State Senator Lois Kolkhorst is a member of the agency’s governing board, along with Strauss, Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and State Representative Charlie Geren of Ft. Worth.

Calls for the removal of the monument were first made by Dallas lawmaker Eric Johnson, but a meeting with Abbott was delayed by Hurricane Harvey.

Strauss has previously called for all monuments on the Capitol grounds be reviewed for historical accuracy.

The plaque titled “Children of the Confederacy Creed,” honors what it calls, “the heroic deeds of those who enlisted in the Confederate Army” and states: “We, therefore, pledge ourselves to preserve pure ideals, to honor our veterans, to study and teach the truths of history (one of the most important of which is that the war between the States was not a rebellion, nor was its underlying cause to sustain slavery) and to always act in a manner that will reflect honor upon our noble and patriotic ancestors.”

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