An ongoing search by Baylor Scott and White for certified OBGYN doctors for their Brenham facility has reached a critical point.

Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in Brenham has temporarily closed its Labor and Delivery Department until December 21st while the only certified OBGYN is on leave.  Dr. Aaron Campbell has been handling those duties by himself since late September after the death of Dr. Wiley Nobles.  Officials with Baylor Scott and White have expressed frustration with their attempts at attracting doctors to fill OBGYN positions in Brenham.  I’ve been told that young doctors don’t want to be “on call”, something that is required by the situation at Brenham’s hospital.  Officials say they were already advertising for another OBGYN prior to Dr. Noble’s death, and would like to have at least three in Brenham.  So far, that search has been unsuccessful.

At one time, Brenham had two hospitals delivering babies on a regular basis.  It seems to me that a company the size of Baylor Scott and White should be able to find a workable solution to this doctor shortage.  If no one wants to work under the conditions you are requiring, maybe it’s time to look at changing those conditions.  And why hasn’t a temporary OBGYN been hired to fill in during this period?  Dr. Campbell is an excellent physician, but he can’t be expected to be “on call” 24-7 every week.

Permanent closure of Brenham’s Labor and Delivery Department was averted in November when the local board voted against that proposal.  This is not the first time Baylor Scott and White has ended that service at a hospital they have acquired.  They did so in Carrollton this past January.  I believe it’s time for Brenham and Washington County officials to join together so babies will continue to be born in Brenham.  Mayor Milton Tate and County Judge John Brieden should join forces to put pressure on the company to get something done.  Call a town hall meeting where Baylor Scott and White officials can explain the situation to the public, and answer their questions.

Since this issue surfaced, I’ve read lots of comments on social media and websites about the wonderful staff and services at our local hospital, and about Dr. Campbell.  Both of my children were born at a Brenham hospital.  Baylor Scott and White officials says they need more people in Brenham and Washington County to make that same choice.  If and when they bring more OBGYN’s to the area, we have to give them our business.  Patients will flock to good doctors like Dr. Campbell.  Baylor Scott and White, find us those good doctors.

And that’s the way it looks to this Spectator.

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