(courtesy Unity Theatre)

As a surprising result of Unity Theatre’s production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”, the Salvation Army received over $100 in donations.

Each performance of the play’s five-day run placed Barry Brass, member of Unity Theatre’s Board of Directors and one of the actors, onstage as a Salvation Army bell-ringer.  The opening segment was set up as a way to entertain the audience before the play began, as well as introduce the terrible Herdman children.

Brass says he was amazed to see theatregoers taking the Salvation Army segment seriously, coming onstage to place donations in the bucket.

When the Herdman children came and stole the bucket as part of the performance, donors were likely surprised and curious where the money would go.

(courtesy Unity Theatre)

Brass assured the audience that the money would indeed go to the Salvation Army, and he worked to arrange the donation.

By the end of the six-show run, exactly $101 had been donated.  Brass contacted Faith Mission Executive Director Randy Wells to figure out the best way to deliver the donations.  Both Brass and Wells placed the money in the Salvation Army kettle outside the Brenham Walmart.

Brass says this was a fun and unexpected twist on his role in the play, and that this story serves as a great example of how generous the community is.

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