Washington County Commissioners approved descriptions for new positions in the county’s EMS department at their meeting today (Tuesday).

Commissioners approved the positions of Aviation Division Chief, Crew Chief-Paramedic, and Senior Crew Chief-Paramedic. The budget for their salaries was developed based on a survey out of Travis County.

The new posts come after commissioners last month approved a contract between EMS and REACH Air Medical Services for a multi-mission public safety rescue helicopter program. REACH will reimburse the county for all salaries.

The helicopter program will not only provide air medical transport, but will also allow firefighting capabilities for rural grass fires. The helicopter will also be fitted for search and rescue operations, including hoist rescue operations for water rescue.

Also at today’s meeting, commissioners opened bids from thyssenkrupp, EMR Elevator, and Otis Elevator Company, for maintenance on the elevators at the courthouse and courthouse annex. Commissioners recently rescinded their approval of a contract with Otis Elevator Company to provide elevator services.  The court will give its recommendation on the bids at its meeting next week.

Commissioners also:

  • Accepted bids for Road and Bridge department materials including drive bridge piling; bulk fuel; oils, asphalts and emulsions; road construction materials; and steel products.  A bid for fleet fuel was tabled to give the county more time to consider.
  • Signed a contract amendment providing for a 60-day extension for fleet fuel for fleet station/pump only.
  • Approved renewal of the bond for Reserve Deputy Sheriff Harold Sprawls.
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  1. So one is left to assume that this helicopter service is costing the county approximately $30,000 per year. Approximately $3.00 per resident per year. And that pays 3 people’s salaries? Would the elected officials please have enough respect for the taxpayers to believe that we are not that ignorant? Details please. The exact total amount the county will pay per year is what we need to hear please.

    1. To Taxpayer;
      The County does not do business that way, they hide everything and it is always after the fact when we find out the details. The County cannot stand when you criticize them or ask questions because they believe they know what is best for the taxpayers.
      They are always first to point out other entities mistakes so it takes the spotlight off of them. It is sad that they are the way they are, they preach that we are stronger together but that is only when it is in their best interest not everyone involved.

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