Officials with the Washington County Fair have decided to make this year’s event exclusively for exhibitors.

In a press release this (Tuesday) morning, the Washington County Fair Board of Directors announced that it has voted unanimously to host the fair as a county youth exhibitor event only.  As no tickets for the fair will be sold, there will not be a Fair Queen contest this year.

The board made the vote after meeting Monday night to discuss how to proceed with the fair, currently scheduled for September 11-19.

In the release, Fair President Dean Luetge said this decision was made to ensure that Washington County’s youth exhibitors “have every possible opportunity to both exhibit and sell their projects”.  Luetge said it was not an easy decision, but after reviewing state guidelines and meeting with county and city officials, the board feels this is “the right decision moving forward”.

Further updates will be posted at www.washingtoncofair.com in regards to event updates and an amended show schedule.


Full press release from Washington Co. Fair Association:

In order to ensure that the youth exhibitors of Washington County have every possible opportunity to both exhibit and sell their projects, the Washington County Fair Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to host the 2020 Washington County Fair as a county youth exhibitor event only. This was not an easy decision, but after considering all state guidelines and visiting with county and city officials, it is the right decision moving forward. We encourage you to watch our website for event updates and an amended show schedule. We thank you for understanding this very difficult decision, and hope you will continue to encourage and support our hard-working young people at this year’s event.

Dean Luetge, President

2020 Washington County Fair Association

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  1. But if you want to organize a Baseball tournament at Hohlt Park with say over 1500 people that’s fine..

  2. Bad decision. Fear over fact, but I’m not surprised.

    Recoveries soaring, deaths dropping….

    But decide on counts that reports are saying WAY inflated due to tests on current cases being counted as new, etc.

    Poor 4-H and FFA, Won’t get extra needed money in booths.

    Poor Brenham, who will see a HUGE hit in the fair next year due to low funds.

    If you think out of town era will come and visit next year if you have no shoes? I feel for you.

    I’m glad I moved out of Brenham.

  3. This unfortunate, but not unexpected.
    They closed down the Houston show earlier this year, so this seems like it is not out of the question.
    That is what most people will agree with.
    I do not.
    I believe they should open it all up, let those who want to enjoy the fair enjoy it.
    Those who are scared, worried, or have underlying medical issues stay home.
    Life needs to march on. It will get better or it won’t, but you can’t hide out forever.
    Nothing is guaranteed in this life.
    We have today, enjoy it while you can.

    1. Most likely honestly, but more because many in the drive will actually have health conditions that put them at risk for COVID.

      Honestly I think the fair is grossly rash here and should have the fair for all but maybe cut back or limit the action shows…

      But that’s likely why they’re reducing it: no one wants to do performances and most cone in the evening.

      It’s sad: oldest county fair in Texas and they rush a decision.

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