An Austin County man was indicted for multiple offenses, involving burglary and theft in this week’s session of the Austin County grand jury.

District Attorney Travis Koehn says Nicholas George Geary is charged with two building burglaries and a major theft of jewelry. Koehn says he may have been involved in burglaries and thefts in other counties.



Koehn says Geary will make his first court appearance on Monday and he will take it from there. He was arrested in February and is being held on a $227,000 bond.

Koehn says Geary is ‘well acquainted with the judicial system.’

This was a busy session for the Austin County grand jury as they handed down19 indictments.

Eighteen year old Emeal Andrs Jr., was indicted for stealing copper off air conditioning units after his arrest in January.  Timothy Cole Evans is facing similar charges. He too was arrested in January for thefts up to $20,000.

John Anthony Amaya was indicted for allegedly making several drug deals with undercover narcotics officers.