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Starting this fall, Baylor Scott & White will require personnel to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

The healthcare organization said in a press release today (Wednesday) that by October 1st, all employees, providers, volunteers, vendors, students and contract staff must receive both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, unless they are granted an exemption.

The release cited rising COVID-19 case counts, the Delta variant and the approach of flu season as factors in the decision to require vaccinations, stating that the “overwhelming majority” of new cases are among the unvaccinated.  The release said, “We believe now is the right time to take the next step in achieving a fully vaccinated workforce.”

As of Tuesday, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) estimated 100 active cases in Washington County.  Aside from a report of 104 active cases on July 23rd, the last time the county exceeded 100 active cases was when it reported 101 on May 2nd.

According to DSHS, 44.27 percent of Washington County’s eligible population is fully vaccinated.  Approximately 74.27 percent of residents 65 and older in Washington County are fully vaccinated.

The full statement from Baylor Scott and White can be read below:

With rapidly rising COVID-19 case counts due to the highly contagious Delta variant and the start of the flu season fast approaching, we believe now is the right time to take the next step in achieving a fully vaccinated workforce.

By Oct. 1, 2021, all Baylor Scott & White Health employees, providers, volunteers, vendors, students and contract staff must receive both doses of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, unless granted an exemption.

The Delta variant is the most contagious and dangerous strain we have seen to date, leading to exponentially increasing rates of severe illness and hospitalization. The overwhelming majority of these cases are among the unvaccinated.

We are committed to making the communities we serve healthier. Whether you are a patient, family member or employee, you can be assured that we have taken every measure to protect you.

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  1. I am deeply saddened by the hatred in the remarks of those who blanket shame someone for their choice of freedom. Replace the word “vaccine” with another word and it becomes a hate crime.
    “After October 1, no BLACK, HISPANIC, TRANSGENDER, FEMALE, HIV + , HX OF MENTAL HEALTH MEDS (DEPRESSION, ADHD) will be employed by XXX company in the best interest of whomever they think they are serving.” Now please understand that I am not stating this as a fact and only using it as an example.
    Would you also enforce the flu vaccine on EVERYONE? I would kindly suggest you begin reading medical journals and research articles as opposed to Op Eds and ANY news media outlet for REAL stats on deaths caused by the flu each year. The numbers remain staggering for flu deaths in the US each year.
    Even schools allow an exemption for mandatory vaccinations for those whose freedom of choice is to NOT vaccinate against chicken pox (which probably never killed anyone) but is mandatory in schools.
    If you appreciate freedom, then please respect others’ freedoms as well. And yes, BE KIND. For the love of GOD and all things good, care for one another.

  2. For those of you that have never worked in the healthcare field this is not anything new. I have been in healthcare for over 25 years. If you do not comply to TB tests, you don’t work. If you don’t get a flu shot, you don’t work. I think all healthcare professionals should have gotten the vaccine as soon as it became available as I did. I have no compassion for those whose excuse was ” I want to see if it works” or ” I’m afraid of the long term consequences”. Do you think people years ago knew what the long term effects of the smallpox vaccine or the polio vaccine would be? Stop being so dang self centered!! Get the dang vaccine already!!!

  3. While the pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued because the vaccines are exempt under government emergency use authorization, if you have an adverse reaction and are disabled or deceased, who will provide for your or your family’s care? When a company or school requires vaccination, they become liable and can be sued for compensation. Go to “the Solari report” website (Catherine Austin Fitts – a former Assistant Director at HUD) for free step-by-step instructions and legal forms/contracts to present to those requiring vaccination for employment or attendance of schools. These forms have been prepared by teams of lawyers to address the serious implications of vaccine risks for the FDA unapproved shots and requires signature acknowledgement of liability responsibilities from your employer or school if they require vaccines. Most companies stop requiring employers to have the shot after their lawyers review these documents and recognize their legal liability exposure. Employees must work together and get it in writing who will take financial responsibility for your and your family’s care if you suffer a life-changing adverse reaction. This risks are real and much is still unknown about the long term effects of these shots.

  4. if you have to be persuaded, PRESSURED, FORCED, lied to, coerced, incentivized, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished, and criminalized..
    If all of this is considered to gain your compliance-you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is NOT in your best interest and NOT about health and safety

  5. Troubling to hear…This shot isn’t even FDA approved…Research around the world (example) Gibraltar has all their citizens fully vaccinated, thats 100% fully vaccinated and they are getting up to 40 cases a day of the Delta virus…same goes for other countries.( Israel, Britain etc) is everyone going to line up for a shot every 6 months for a new variant

  6. Very simple…drug companies making billions of dollars in profits…not sales…profits. They bankroll hospitals, medical folks and most definitely politicians. They also dump big money into media. Only 1/2 of population has succumbed to the kool aid. They see billions more to keep the scare going. Follow the money and power grab people. Wake up America…

  7. Itt is pretty sad that our economy, church services, funerals, family gatherings, school and more were shut down due to this virus from China. Our country, our state, our city, our residents and most importantly, our children have suffered greatly due to the shut downs. It has a 99.5% survival rate. But yet we are freely giving up our rights fought for us by countless military personnel. Why? Why force someone to get something or lose their job? That is one more freedom taken away. Whether you believe in the vaccine or not is irrelevant. It is the freedom to choose. We lost so many freedoms so fast due to panic. Your job shouldn’t be banked on a personal decision to not take the vaccine.
    American Patriot

    1. So true. Each day we lose more rights. What about Hippa rights? Requiring you to show proof of the vaccination violates it. Being vaccinated is no guarantee you won’t get COVID-19. They don’t publish how many have died from getting the vaccinations. Pure and simple, Democrats want communism. They told businesses, churches, etc. when they could open, how many people they could allow in, etc. They killed off many small businesses. People are still “drinking the kool-aid ” Do some research on this and other viruses. We shouldn’t have closed anything. All we did was kill our economy. Boycott Scott and White.

  8. I don’t know if that would work for me?
    Isn’t that like make them get on prep to protect from hiv? The risk is there, but forced to do it? That’s an over reach to me??? I thought bs&w was better than that??


    1. Yes, you are to blame. You and people like you are prolonging this pandemic and totally to blame simply because you don’t know how to digest information and accept the poison being pumped into your brains by people who are most likely vaccinated (looking at you FOX anchors).

      Every mask mandate is on you and those like you.
      Every economic shutdown from here on out is on you and those like you.
      Every school closure is on you and those like you.

      The unvaccinated are the kindling that is keeping this virus circulating. What’s going to happen is that one of you unvaccinated people are going to crap out a variant that is going to know how to completely bypass the vaccines, and then all the death, suffering, and sickness will be on you.

      I have had this virus tear up friends’ bodies, kill relatives. I’m tired of it and have nothing but contempt for people like you.

      1. How about placing the blame where it truly belongs . The Biden administration refuses to close the southern border . All the illegals’ coming over into southern states are not tested and left to run free among other citizens. Who knows what they are bringing with them. If you are vaccinated then you have nothing to worry about. Stay home , wear your masks or whatever you choose to do.

      2. I am unvaccinated and I take offense to your blanket blame. None of the vaccines are FDA approved. The vaccines have been proven to sterilize women, cause heart conditions, nerve damage and more. I take every personal hygiene protection I can, as does my family. The Texas democrats who ran to DC to escape law and order, had several test positive for Covid and they were vaccinated. Oh and they also took a nice picture of themselves on the plane maskless. You have taken what you have been fed by news media, social media and the federal government as fact. Can you provide evidence that the unvaccinate will cause shutdowns, etc? How about looking at the number of positive Covid cases coming across the border. There are so many that they are being released whether they are positive or not. My suggestion is that instead of being angry and so quick to blame someone for their personal choice, which I believe is still legal in America, why don’t you do research and be kind to your fellow person. Good luck and God bless.

        1. I’m not really worried about what you take offense to. I’m telling the truth. If you are unvaccinated at this point by choice then you are part of the problem and patience is wearing thin.

          None of what you say is true and is just a regurgitation of the poison that is being pumped into your brain. Also, don’t you dare says something to me like “be kind to your fellow person.” I have done everything I can to help stomp out this virus. I have worn a mask, I have followed guidance and tried not to spread it to other people. I got vaccinated not only to protect myself but everyone. What have you done? Whine about wearing a mask? Spout nonsense about a miracle vaccine developed by literal geniuses in the scientific community?

          Give me a break. You and people like you are the selfish ones. It’s a disgrace and I would just as well not associate with any of you.

          1. Covid-19 will get to everyone, whether it is through a vaccine or by regular transmission.
            Most people will be fine without a vaccine. Even those with the vaccine can get it again. It is a part of the natural evolution of living things. Some will die, most will not. If you are extremely concerned, get this new vaccine, and stay home. Just because I choose to wait until this brand new vaccine has been around for 5 or 10 years until I get one, is my choice. It is not selfish to ask questions and have concerns about it. I love vaccines. They have saved millions and millions of peoples lives since they have been around. This particular new set of vaccines is unproven for any amount of time. The government is wrong, just as much as they are right. Be careful with what you wish for. The more that you do when they ask , the more they will ask of you to do.

          2. No they’re not. We pass COUNTLESS viruses daily, including those vaccinated

            4,000 have died from these shots: a fact.

            Thousands more infected with covid: a fact.

            This virus is NEVER GOING AWAY!

            It is IGNORANCE to say “we can stamp it our for good.” We have the Black Death still around and found in rats: pandemic was 1300s.

            The selfish are the ignorant and virtue signaling who forced me to wear a mask. Now I’m on a stronger asthma medicine because of it. My chances are HIGHER now because they’re more susceptible.

            And we’re ptt art slinging tge pandemic not looking at the GENUINE science…

            And guess what? It’s not what Fauci espouses or the democrats. In fact their tactics are tied in to the prolonging.

          3. You are really blind as to what is going on aren’t you? Don’t you get it? This will never end. It’s an ongoing cycle & you are part of the problem for not recognizing this evil by our government. The left wants to drag out the Covid restrictions and to keep everyone living in fear so we can be dependent on the government. So, no the unvaccinated are not to blame. There are several healthcare professionals who are not vaccinated as well. What does that tell you? I don’t care if your patience is wearing thin; so is mine! Look at the numbers & follow the money & you will see the truth.

          4. Big talk from someone who won’t even leave their name behind it, vaccinated or not it is up to the individuals not you, when in American history has medicine been forced on people? The approach by people like u is exactly why many will never take the shot now……..

          5. A perfect post! I would propose that those who have not been vaccinated not be covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or private Insurance. I would make exemptions based on certain medical conditions &those under approved age. Taxpayers & policy holders cannot afford to keep paying for stupidity. I would give folks a week to get started. Most of us alive today have had numerous vaccinations to protect us from many deadly & life changing diseases. The fact that many are trying to draw a comparison to medications given to cure/treat some particular malady is based on total ignorance of how vaccinations given to cause your body to build up immunity. work and what they contain.

          6. You are partially correct. No “one” is to blame. Vaccinated people are getting COVID as well.

            The Feds are releasing thousands of COVID positive “unvaccinated” into our cities across Texas. “…there have been over 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive immigrants released into the City of McAllen by CBP, including over 1,500 new cases in the past seven days.”

          7. “The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly” -Robert Anton Wilson

      3. So…I look at this situation, study as much as I can find. The statistics show that of all those testing positive 46% have no symptoms or illness. Of ALL those testing positive less than 1% succumbed to death….most having significant other medical issues. I see that drug companies are making billions of profits…not sales…profits!!! There are many, many unknowns and issues that have come up. I’m sure you want our children forced to wear masks even though there is tremendous damage done by this. I am healthy, never get the flu shot, seldom get sick. And you blame me and have contempt for me because I choose not to drink the kook aid? Money, power, control…all this is about

        1. Well never say someone died from cancer! Cancer usually is not the actual cause of death. Cancer in most cases makes the body to weak to fight off what actually kills them, Yet we rightfully say that the victim has died from cancer because had they not had cancer, they likely would have not even gotten what actually killed them, If they would have caught whatever actually killed them, they could have fought the disease off. Coved is no different, You have drank the Kool Aid of misinformation.

  10. So its get the shot or we’ll take your job and means to buy. Next it will be to sell.

    This is all I needed to know.

    So many aspects of life are lethal, shorten or end lives, yet this is paramount. Drug and human trafficking is allowed to exist, meth production is allowed, you can even be a meth user and work at Scott and White or the federal government, but not one that chooses to not take this experimental vaccine. You could be a prostitute and work there, a felon, a glutton, HIV positive and work there. But you cannot be unvaccinated, or is it unmarked, and work there. We will NEVER get this “vaccine”.

    1. Don’t forget, they do have plans to start coming after the kids by the end of the tear you knoe!

      1. I heard about this. The white house said that they will get CPS involved and take your minor children away from you if you don’t get them vaccinated. Sounds like communism, socialism and dictatorship all rolled into one scary entity. I never, ever imagined that my country would be like this. God be with us all.

  11. I am an older senior citizen that is vaccinated. I still have concerns for young, healthy females that have no underlying issues getting vaccinated. Will the vaccine cause issues with them trying to conceive? Will any long term effects be present?
    I am glad that I didn’t have to decide.

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