The Brenham City Council plans to meet next week to appoint an interim city manager.

The employment agreement of Brenham City Manager James Fisher was terminated, effective immediately, at Thursday's Brenham City Council meeting.

This comes after the council voted 5-2 following a three-hour executive session on Thursday to terminate the contract of City Manager James Fisher, effective immediately.

Mayor Milton Tate, who voted against the termination along with Councilmember Albert Wright, said in a statement this (Friday) afternoon that, “This decision was not taken lightly nor did it come easily.”  He said the city thanks Fisher for his service and hopes for “nothing but good things for him in the future.”

Mayor Tate declined comment to KWHI immediately after Thursday’s meeting.  When asked for comment today, he said this is an “ongoing personnel issue” and will not speak on the matter until it is resolved.

KWHI has also reached out to Mayor Pro Tem Clint Kolby, City Attorney Cary Bovey and Fisher.  Kolby deferred to Mayor Tate for comment, while Bovey and Fisher have not responded.

Fisher’s contract was set to expire on January 10, 2022, following a one-year extension by the council in October 2020.

Fisher became Brenham’s city manager in January 2018 after the retirement of Terry Roberts, who served 17 years in the position.  Prior to his time in Brenham, Fisher served as city manager in Forney, east of Dallas.

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  1. i don’t understand why is this firing a “on going personal issue “ so private when the fire chiefs firing was blasted over the radio and paper by fisher in details all of it false . The city council was silent during all his slander..So what did he finally do to open the city council eyes.
    Why are the details so secretive.

  2. Someone from the city, from Brenham?
    Ricky Boeker??
    I think the old city council thought an “outsider” would make things better? Look what they got?
    Sometimes the best answers are under your nose!
    Do the right thing here.

  3. It seems that the remaining two hold outs, Mr. Milton Tate, and Mr. Albert Wright, should pack up their proverbial bags and go away.
    Obviously, they approved and enjoyed Mr. Fisher more than anybody else. Let them follow him out.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Out with the old, and in with the new, in my opinion at least.
    Anyone else???

  4. Thank god they got this guy out of office, he has treated people from this town as trash. Next in line is to vote they mayor out.

  5. Hate that the city got rid of the one person that is not a “yes man” in that organization. Roberts lasted 17 years neither was definitely a yes man and would not say no to anyone. This reminds me of the late Chief Gary Buchanan who was a great chief and NOT a “yes man@ and they got rid of him also. What a big mistake the city leaders made here!

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