The buildings in the back of the shopping center development are slated to house Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, PetSmart, Five Below and Burkes Outlet.

Construction at the site of the Baker Katz shopping center in Brenham is proceeding on schedule.

Baker Katz co-founder Kenneth Katz said work is progressing nicely at the development, located on 35 acres of land at the intersection of Highway 290 and Chappell Hill Street.  He believes construction of the first phase of the project is on track to wrap up by the end of this year or early next.  The first stores are planned to open in the spring.

So far, six businesses have been confirmed for the shopping center, and Katz said there is still a lot of interest from other prospective tenants.



The building at the front of the shopping center development will be a freestanding Aspen Dental.

Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, PetSmart, Burkes Outlet and Five Below were officially revealed as retailers coming to the center at a groundbreaking ceremony in March.  Since then, Aspen Dental has completed a lease and will move into the standalone building near the front of the development.  While Rack Room Shoes was listed on the City of Brenham’s building permit list for August, Katz said that lease has not yet been finalized.

Katz said his firm has received a lot of good feedback from the public about the stores confirmed thus far.



The multi-tenant building next to the intersection of Highway 290 and South Chappell Hill Street will be able to house between five and six retail and restaurant groups.

According to Katz, in addition to the buildings in the back of the center, the development has another eight or nine pad sites available for freestanding businesses or buildings with multiple users.  The multi-tenant building at the corner closest to the Highway 290-Chappell Hill Street intersection can accommodate another five or six retail and restaurant groups.

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  1. Marshalls & Hobby Lobby likely will do very well. Pets Mart, possibly. I have dealt with a wide variety of retailers. I believe Brenham will get an Academy, if not now, soon. I believe Aldi will have a location in Brenham, sooner rather than later. Kroger possibly soon, but not now. Target is very likely a long shot. I believe Olive Garden would do well as well as Chic-Filet. Harbor Freight is a strong possibility. Big Lots would likely be interested in Brenham, but they chase cheap rent in abandoned centers. As for Burkes Outlet and Five Below, I see them almost always located in abandoned retail space. (There is a new retail center in Houston that has both.) 5 Below is a part of Dollar Tree. Burkes has closed a number of store.

  2. If you like Cypress or College Station or Bryan go live there; especially if you are on a 24-7 buying spree. I hate to see Brenham ruined by corporate mongers. If you don’t get it……I cant explain it to you….where you would understand it….until it is too late.

  3. I would love to see an Aldi grocery store in Brenham. We shop them now in College Station. They would be an asset to the community.

    1. That would be great, but I really miss CVS and Palais Royal. Every town this size has a CVS.

  4. We are very excited about Pet Smart and hope it will also have their typical Banfield Veternary service, since we currently have to haul four large dogs to College Station every 3-4 months. My wife is excited about Hobby Lobby, and I’m hoping for Olive Garden and Academy. A Smoothie King would be nice as well.

  5. Another super market like Krogers would be great. The parking and crowds at the only other supermarket are terrible.

  6. Harbor Freight would be good. I can see myself going there often, to replace all the cheaply bought things I get from there. It’s also the only place I can find cheap, functional ammo cans.

  7. I am thrilled to see the retail stores. They keep Brenham vibrant and provide jobs for local residents. Also tax revenues for the city. Regardless where the merchandise comes from it supports local families. Yes most everything is from china whether its ready goods or raw materials. I prefer to keep my money local.

  8. Brenham needs clothing stores. Not everyone loves wearing walmart. There is not a place in town to buy a pair of mens dress shoes or a suit for that matter. What is wrong with some of you? Any store is better than nothing. Brenham has needed more retail stores for a long time. We need another grocery store next.

    1. Me too…it would make a ton of money from both locals and people traveling from Houston to Austin and vice versa. Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed!!

  9. I plan to shop at all of them. Brenham needs a shoe store. Hoping for restaurant that is not Mexican food, we already have plenty of those and they are good but something else would be nice.

    1. I agree! However, it would be nice to have healthier food options; such as Salata, Zoe’s Kitchen, or another Mediterranean style restaurant.

  10. It is very hard to make a purchase of just about anything that isn’t made in China. It’s everything and everywhere. America’s soul was sold to the devil way before the Clinton era. But I digress… I happy to see these stores coming to Brenham. We need them and we have been requesting places like this for years. Panera bread is awesome! The fact that we are getting a shoe store speaks volumes! We could use more clothing stores. Whatever it takes to keep the tax revenue here in Washington county is a good idea. I didn’t read if we were getting a chick- fil-a, is that even on the list of possibilities? Or Academy?

  11. With all the complaints about china made I shop local as often as possible. These stores are not just about Brenham. Think much bigger. The tax revenue will be nice because many folks like those is in Fayette, Waller and Lee counties take there money to Bastrop or Katy. These are anchor stores with the ability to expand. Soon mom and pops from downtown may have the opportunity to grow. Downtown is so crowded that parking is an issue. This will just give some attire there much needed wiggle room and new customer base. Also would love to see Independence Coffee have a better local so they can grow their drive thru and seated business. Move AT&T would also be helpful with their parking issue due to Starbucks. Just my 2 cents!

  12. For what retail space costs per square foot, insurance, utilities, payroll, etc., there just isn’t enough profit margin in this junk that most of these stores are selling to cover the cost of overhead. You are going to see a very high turnover of tenants.

  13. I’m happy about Marshall’s coming we need more clothing stores, when we went school shopping this year we had to go to Houston and we went there and we got name brand clothes at a great price.

  14. Not one mention of the 6.5 million in tax deferments: Hope everyone realizes that our taxes will have to go up to offset the added city services on this boondogle. Sounds to me like they are still having trouble leasing the project. Can’t blame it on Covid this all began two years before Covid came along.

  15. I think that, these stores will add to our economy and increase jobs for our residents who live in Brenham a lot of the stores hire older and elderly individuals and young people. These may not have been the stores that our town needed but nonetheless they’re here.

    1. I was hoping for a Kroger, Target and maybe a Hallmark store or something like that. I moved up here a year ago to get away from the city I hope they don’t start building too much. Still love the little stores in town and will continue to shop there. I absolutely love Brenham and the people

  16. Waste of real estate. I guess the anchor store is Pets Mart. I’ll take it even if it hurts many business. Hobby Lobby yes, the rest either no one heard of or not a plus to the community. It’s not just my opinion.Im speaking for others.

  17. Would like to see another shoe store and Target. Some other fast food places like Arby’s , Panera , Panda Express or Wendy’s

    1. Nice to see Brenham growing. It’s about time. I know when I lived there I would go to Cypress or Bryan/College Station cause I would get tired of the same old thing. I agree there are enough Mexican Restaurants there.

    1. Hobby Lobby is good.
      (secret tip, it’s all from China anymore Pal)
      The rest, Ehhhh!
      With that thinking, you couldn’t buy much. I hate it as well, but there it is. Thank Bill Clinton.

      1. I never realized that all those Toyotas, Nissans, Kubota tractors, Nike shoes, Walmart branded items, and thousands of other items were not around before Bill Clinton.

        1. Ed, I agree with you, and the original farmers that built Washington County would agree too. Some of us still have down-home values and can recognize the difference between wants and needs.

    2. Do you ever have anything nice or positive to say or are you just perpetually bitter and angry?!

    3. Where is there to shop where most of the things aren’t imported from China ?? or other countries? That’s where most American companies move so they can have their products made cheaply. It cost them less in labor cost because elsewhere. They don’t have to provide those workers with insurance, etc. it’s a win for the other countries. They get the Jobs provided to them in their country by our American businessmen. And then they sell them to us. ??‍♂️

    4. Ed The Computer you are using to write this statement came from China… So you already buy “Junk” from China

  18. Burkes Is a Great store a Marshalls is also going to be good as clothing stores especially for men is almost Non existent in this town. Five Below is good and a shoe store will also be great as that too is something hard to find in Brenham now, I look forward to them all

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