In a brief meeting this (Friday) morning the Brenham City Council approved the appointment of 5 members of the Historic Preservation Board.  Two other positions on the board were elected by the downtown property owners recently.  They are Brad Tegeler and Jennifer Hermann, and each will serve a 3 year term on the board.  The five other members approved by City Council this morning are Paul Homeyer, Bob Grabarshick, Hal Moorman, Mike Vance and Stacy Marhofer.  Rachel Nordt was on the list to be approved when it was discovered that she does not own property in the downtown area, one of the requirements to serve on the board.  City Secretary Jeana Bellinger explains:

The new members will now draw lots at their first meeting to determine which 4 members will have two year terms and the one member who will serve a 3 year term.  The completion of the Historic Preservation Board was necessary because two applications for alterations to two different downtown properties have been received by the city.  The new ordinance says that the Historic Preservation Board will have 35 days to review the changes after their receipt.

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