A sign outside the Burkes Outlet store in the Baker Katz shopping center says it is now open, but the official opening date will not be until February 10th.

Some of the first stores in the Baker Katz shopping center in Brenham will soon be opening.

The Burkes Outlet website lists a grand opening for its new location in Brenham, at 918 Highway 290 East, on February 10th.

Brenham | Washington County Economic Development Director Susan Cates confirmed that Burkes Outlet pulled its final certificate of occupancy earlier this week.  She said the store is being stocked in preparation for its opening.

Cates noted the banner currently outside the store says it is now open, but that is not the case.

A sign at the Five Below store in the Baker Katz shopping center says a grand opening is planned for April 15th.

Cates did not have a timeline for the opening of other stores.  There is a banner outside the Five Below store that says a grand opening is planned for April 15th, but no online information for a Brenham location is listed on the Five Below website.

Other confirmed businesses in the shopping center include Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, PetSmart and Aspen Dental.

Construction is ongoing, and other stores are expected to open this spring.

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  1. Seems to me like a lot of people move here because they desire a slower-paced, small town life, but then, they complain that we don’t have all the shopping options they had in the bigger, busier town they were trying to get away from. Can’t have it both ways.

  2. I sure hope we get Academy here so I don’t have to keep going out of town to get shoes for the kids.

  3. So glad to see growth continues in Brenham. More residents move into Brenham and Washington County every year. Money on goods and services needs to stay in Brenham. Too many people travel to College Station or Houston with their money.

  4. Why can’t they attract a name restaurant,
    a real sporting goods store(Academy, Dick’s
    Bass Pro Shop, etc.
    Also another grocery store(Kroger).

      1. And the vicious cycle continues !! One reason we don’t have enough population is because we DON’T have enough retail shopping to attract anyone to move here. One cannot sustain a normal life if the necessities to live ( clothes, shoes, etc.) are not available. You have to provide the proper goods and services to attract people. These discount stores are not going to ‘cut it’ !!!!!

        1. Right, I moved here in 2018, and went into withdrawal. In Cherry Hill, NJ…I had numerous Marshall’s, HomeGoods, Rosses, Maxx…all within probably a 15, 20 min. Drive.
          Although I’ve saved a lot from less shopping trips! ?

  5. What a COMPLETE WASTE. The only useful store in this list is PetSmart, and that is being said with baited breath… Waste Waste. So many more options that would serve much better.

    1. BR, you are Not Obligated to go to any of these stores. Many people that live in or near Brenham are excited to have these options to choose as a place to shop. More stores will come. They have not even opened shop yet and you already have a negative opinion. Give them a chance. These new stores not only serve the community by offering us a place to shop, But helps the local people that work there to pay bills and put food on the table. Plus, the Sales tax revenue helps lower our property tax

      1. Not one of these employers will pay regular workers a cent above the slave, pardon me, the minimum wage. What tax concessions did the city have to give to the developers in order for them to build in the first place? How much of a boon to the economy is another starvation wage employer?

        1. I saw an ad yesterday for Hobby Lobby and they’re offering $13 per hour starting wages, close to double the minimum wage. If you really want to help the low-skill workforce, it wouldn’t do them the slightest bit of good to get a Prada store or whatever you may have in mind. They need jobs they’re qualified for and also products and services they can afford. That doesn’t mean that they have to make a career out of working entry-level retail, but these jobs can be a good starting point for some and a lifesaver for others.

    2. Totally agree. Brenham can do better. If your going to bull dose beautiful blue bonnets then at least give us something we’ve heard of.

      1. Citizen,
        When there is business development in a city or state, there is growth and the city of Brenham is growing. Without change there is no progress. Hopefully, the residents of Brenham and the people that live in the towns nearby will help support the new businesses coming and that will open in Brenham.
        Didn’t realize that you had not heard of the name of the businesses coming to Brenham. As I live in a larger city now and have heard and shopped or been inside the stores before. Citizen, most of those stores are affordable and perhaps you might decide to go to some of the grand openings. Also, maybe some of the landscaping could include blue bonnets.!

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