The Brenham Junior High School, district safety and security, and new leadership at several campuses will all be discussed tonight (Tuesday) by the Brenham School Board.

Trustees will consider conducting a structural assessment of the junior high school, the main component of the bond measure that was rejected by voters last month.

The board will also review current safety measures utilized by Brenham ISD and discuss options to enhance them, one being the potential purchase of lockdown low profile floor pits for campus and office security.

In other items, the board will consider approval of a compensation handbook for the 2022-23 school year, using funds to purchase vehicles for the CTE Department and Special Education Department, and purchasing the Panorama program.

There will also be an executive session to discuss hiring campus principals for Brenham Middle School and Krause Elementary School, and an assistant principal for Alton Elementary School.

The board will meet at 6 p.m. in rooms 111 and 113 at Brenham High School.  The meeting will be livestreamed on Brenham ISD’s YouTube channel.

Trustees will also meet tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon in the Brenham ISD Administration Office to conduct architect interviews and hold an executive session to go over personnel matters.

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  1. *Update* I feel the need to update because I didn’t want to anger people just get them involved and informed. I as well as others spoke at the meeting last night opposing the Panorama Program. The board listened then informed us they had already decided against it. They dug a little deeper on their end and realized it wasn’t something we wanted to bring into our community. So we are all in agreement and all worked out great!!

    1. Thanks for the update!! Glad we dodged that program.
      We as a community and parents need to stay vigilant and involved. There will be other “programs” looked at in the future!

  2. When is the Agenda posted on the BISD School board meeting calendar? Mainly trying to figure out how far in advance are we given notice what is going to be discussed and presented. As far as this Panorama program goes, who the heck gave the the district the authority to ever suggest we need to purchase something like this with our tax dollars? I would never approve anything like this to be taught to my children nor do you get to survey my child to try and figure out what pronoun they are to use. If this gets approved for purchase Let’s just sit back and see how many children are withdrawn from this public school. My children will not be indoctrinated by the Woke crap. Stick to the reading , writing, and arithmetic. What’s next BISD? You going to hold Drag Queen Story time? Bad decision made by school boards and using tax payers money to purchase stupid stuff like this is what causes you to be voted out. And the reason our schools are not up to snuff is because you waste our money on stuff like the Panorama program. The money would serve better at making needed repairs at the JR High. Or purchasing vehicles for CTE department. You keep harping about how we voted down the bond issue, did you ever stop to think this is why? Because we don’t trust you are making good decisions with the tax payer money.

  3. What happened to the other principals? Oh yea…they filled newly created positions…how wonderful

    1. You mean the ones who were good at other things than just being principals? Meaning just throw away good talent that could be used elsewhere? Your lack of knowledge of the school district and the leadership they are trying to build baffles me. Maybe get off the net for a bit. 😤

      1. Oh…please excuse me for not being so brilliant as you. Simply show me the proof of how all these new, creative positions and programs have proven to produce students that are willing and motivated to move into life with the ability fend for themselves instead of becoming dependent on government…check the stats…the percentage that can’t/won’t increases every year.

  4. I encourage all parents and grandparents to research the Panorama Program. Is is a very expensive (think hundreds of thousand of dollars) survey that then teaches you how to be more “woke”. If you disagree with this program please come to the meeting tonight to make your voices heard. We can already see in school systems that are using this program (New York & California) they are making everything worse. They are creating division but are also making our children into victims and false perpetrators. Please help in stopping this from coming into our schools.

    1. Thanks Mimi for the heads-up. Panorama is another trendy Yale and Whitehouse connected ed contractor to tell you what category you fit into and where your intersectional identity is through questions and surveys. Then, when you have been properly fitted with the correct pronoun and appropriate level of oppression your data is sent to the ISD decision makers to solve the problem of which class in equity to take and how systemic the levels of oppression are through another trendy contractor.

      This is definitely something we need to give our tax dollars to rather than those greedy teachers that want better pay And consider it part of their job to know the student through personal interaction and communication with parents.

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