Brenham police say the people connected to the discovery of fetal remains at Hohlt Park on Sunday first went to the hospital before going to the park.

In an update this (Tuesday) afternoon, the Brenham Police Department said “persons of interest” voluntarily arrived at police headquarters on Monday to talk with investigators after seeing local media coverage of the incident.

Police said they had previously sought assistance at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Brenham.  The delivery of the stillborn fetus was carried out by medical professionals, and the mother was medically cared for and cleared for release.

Under current state laws and the Texas Health and Safety Code, if the delivered fetus is under a certain threshold for weight and term of pregnancy, the remains may be released directly to the parents, as long as they are addressed appropriately by the individual hospital policy.  Under those circumstances, medical professionals released the fetus to the mother, who police said is an adult. 

The investigation is being turned over to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office for review.  Investigators are awaiting autopsy results.

Due to statutory privacy concerns under medical care provisions and statutes, no identities will be released. 


  1. The law states that a miscarried fetus must be PROPERLY buried. That means burial that is in accordance with the laws on burial. They were given paperwork and resources by the hospital before they left. Grief or no grief , sad or not , it’s not an excuse for breaking the law. If people think that then nobody should go to jail or prison because there is always grief involved. Maybe everyone should search their hearts the next time someone’s loved one gets sent to prison because y’all don’t want to see a grieving mother that broke the law be indicted and arrested for breaking the law.

    1. May you never make a mistake, Handy.
      This park is right across from a low-income housing complex. Have you considered that the cost of a proper burial might genuinely be more than this young couple could afford? A proper burial can be thousands of dollars. While it may not have been right to do what they were trying to do, Please find a greater sense of compassion. This is probably the darkest part of their life – and just a news story to you.

  2. This really had nothing to do with anti-abortion sentiments. This was a woman who lost her child. Leave it at that. We should be praying for her grieving heart. Be grateful they came forward so no more resources were used on trying to figure out who they are. To the couple, I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  3. I will keep this family in prayer.

    I will also continue to pray for those who think it’s their God given right to judge others.

  4. The WC DA’s office should waste no more resources on this. The Police Dept should waste no more resources on this. No more resources should be wasted on an autopsy. “Righteous” anti-abortion nervous nellies clutching their pearls should waste no more outrage on this. Nothing was “sinful” here. Just a mistake by the grieving mother and her friend, because the fetus shouldn’t have been buried in the park.
    If we had decent access to abortion, then this whole issue wouldn’t have been overblown and people wouldn’t be hoping in their so-called hearts that some crime was committed and that another woman should be “righteously” prosecuted.

    1. That was well stated. If most people would worry about themselves and their own actions, then worring about everyone else, the country and the world would be a much happier place.

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