Ken Paxton
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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted by the Texas Senate on Saturday after a two-week trial.

The jury of 30 senators – 18 Republicans and 12 Democrats – who were eligible to participate voted to acquit Paxton on 16 articles of impeachment that alleged bribery and abuse of office.  

The most votes an article of impeachment received was 14, including all 12 Democrats and Republicans Bob Nichols of Jacksonville and Kelly Hancock of North Richland Hills.  Twenty-one votes were needed to convict. 

Lois Kolkhorst

Republican Senator Angela Paxton, Ken’s wife, was not able to vote.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham), one of six senators who initially voted to dismiss all articles of impeachment outright at the start of the trial, issued a statement on Saturday regarding the outcome and her vote.  Her full statement can be read below:

“After months of preparation and testimony, today the Senate of Texas voted to acquit Attorney General Ken Paxton. The 10-day trial and the months leading up to it reflect the serious constitutional duty by which the Senate approached this matter. It is an honor to serve with my fellow senators during these deliberations and the many hours spent scouring the evidence presented.  

“This case was difficult and the highest vote any legislator will ever take. In the end, the House Managers did not meet the heavy burden of proof, which in this case is 'beyond a reasonable doubt.'  My decision was reached after careful consideration and review of all evidence and witness testimony.

“It is my sincere hope that elected officials at every level of government can learn from this event and from the actions leading up to it. This experience should be a stark reminder of the respect we must all hold for the fragile bond between the government and the governed. Precedent matters. Ethics matter. Truth matters.”

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  1. Thank you Senator Kolkhorst- excellent job. There was zero evidence to back up the claims made against our Attorney General. The whistleblowers were revealed during the trial to be using a law firm commonly linked the Bush family. Coincidentally George P Bush ran against Ken Paxton during this time.

  2. Thank you Senator! Last year Ken Paxton received more votes than Governor Abbott in Washington County. There was never enough evidence to remove a man from office who was elected last year with 4.2 million Texan votes.

    1. Nice name Mr. Neilson, but, it still seems that Mr. Paxton is not a great person for the job, regardless of how many people voted for him. I voted for him, he SEEMED the better one, but now, not so much. Even more so for our hometown Lois. She will vote the way that seems the best, depending on the wind, nevermind what is right. She needs to be voted out, just as Paxton does. Time for new people, new ideas.

      1. I agree with you. Probably the best way is have a lottery drawing to pick home town people to do the job for two year increments. The county pay their bills for that two years and after two years, select another group. Make sure they are tested to insure they can handle it. We will save money and the choices comes back to the people of Washington County and not a career politician that only has their interests involved. I believe this should be throughout the congress, senate and all.

  3. “My decision was reached after careful consideration and review of all evidence and witness testimony.” Seriously??? How can she make such a statement? She and 5 other senators had reached a decision before any witness testimony was presented!

    1. I agree. She voted to dismiss all the articles on Sept. 5th and then comes out with bull like this. Total hipocrisy and I was a supporter.

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