Visitors to the Brenham Post Office may notice that the front door to the building is missing.

A resident walks inside the Brenham Post Office on
November 22, 2023. The post office's front door is
in need of replacement.

Employees at the post office, who requested to not be named, told KWHI that the front door broke when strong wind caught it and blew it open.  One said this occurred several weeks ago. 

Employees said the postmaster sent in an order to have it fixed immediately, but they are waiting on corporate out of Houston.  A timetable was not available.

They noted that the front door to the main lobby remains unlocked anyway, because the P.O. boxes are located there.  The door to the front desk, however, remains locked and secure.

The postmaster was not available for comment.

KWHI reached out to the regional USPS communications office, who provided a statement about the door and about the mailbox that was removed from outside the post office after being damaged.  Their response can be read below.

Full USPS Response:

The Postal Service appreciates its customers. The safety and well-being of both postal customers and employees is of the utmost importance. Regarding facility conditions at the Brenham Post Office at 309 N Market St., Brenham, TX, we can confirm that local management is aware and has taken the necessary steps to repair the door. At this time, a date for the completion of repairs has not been determined. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate our customers’ patience. In the interim, customers may continue to conduct retail operations at this location, and P.O. Box customers may access their boxes.

Regarding the exterior collection box, the Postal Service takes the security of the mail very seriously, including for any receptacle in which customers deposit mail, such as a collection box. Any time we are made aware of damage to our blue collection boxes, we take immediate steps to make repairs or provide a replacement box as quickly as possible. The box in question sustained damage, and mail could not be securely deposited, so the collection box was removed for the safety of our customers. In some cases, the timeframe for completion of repairs or replacements can depend on the current supply of new boxes. Local postal officials are aware and have taken the appropriate steps to address the situation. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience that may have been experienced and appreciate their patience as we work to successfully resolve this matter. We remain committed to working with customers to ensure they have safe and secure mail receptacles. Customers can also securely deposit outgoing mail in the lobby drop box of their local post office.

Kanickewa “ Nikki” Johnson

Strategic Communications Specialist for South Carolina/Texas 2 Districts

U.S. Postal Service Southern Area Corporate Communications

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  1. The Post Office building was purpose built for the United States Postal Service, completed in 1965. The doors opened August 9, 1965. Probably the same door that blew off. The “modernistic” building was dedicated September 25, 1965. Jake Pickle was the speaker for the dedication. The contractor, Cullen Y. Turner, built it to lease to the Post Office. The trust that owns the building and lease likely belongs to his heirs, now. Many Post Office buildings were built in this way. The terms of the lease typically put all maintenance costs on the Post Office, with the Lessor only responsible for the structure. These leases were written by the Post Office for the Post Office. These leases were designed to keep the Post Office from having to make large capital outlays to modernize buildings at the time. The building that the Post Office was moved from is now the Brenham Heritage Museum, which didn’t have air conditioning at the time of the move.

    The City of Brenham, Washington County and State of Texas have absolutely no authority to do anything to the Post Office building, or to require anything be done to the building. The condition of the building systems, lighting, air conditioning, doors, etc. are all the responsibility of the U.S. Postal Service. If you want anything done you’ll need to talk to your U.S. Congressman or U.S. Senator, or maybe the Postmaster. Best of luck.

  2. I am amazed at how many people here seem to have no idea how things work! Were you asleep in civics class?

    The United States Postal Service is an independent federal agency. The city, county, or state does not manage or control it. The idea of contacting a city councilman or county commissioner about this issue is misplaced. You might have some luck by reaching out to our congressman, however, due to the independent nature of the USPS management structure, that will even have its limits. The proper place to complain is to the postal service itself.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Cullen Turner, who is the landlord and collects a big rent every month from the USPS, should be responsible for the upkeep of the building. I would think that this should be a priority for the County and the City to put the pressure on to get this, and a lot of other things fixed. What a sad shame that the citizens have to fight for help and the leaders we elected cannot get anything accomplished !

    1. While I am not aware of the exact terms of this lease, typically in most commercial leases, the tenant is responsible for repairs and upkeep on the building. This would not fall to the property owner, city, or county. This is likely an issue that belongs completely to the postal service.

  4. I wish we had this level of interest to repair local government. Have you seen your local property taxes? Have you driven down local crumbling up streets? Have you seen local utility costs explode? Have you gone on line to see all of the 100K+ salaries being paid to multiple job descriptions at city hall? City hall is crumbling down on top of tax payers! I’m not concerned about a door at the PO.

    1. Reality……You are Right On !!!!
      People should not be concerned with a door falling off the hinges when the foundation on city hall is crumbling into sinkholes that are driving the working class to the poor house.

  5. The issues here are that the Postal Service operates without government subsidization and, while the general public rants and rails against increases in postage, the overages that the Postal Service earns is what keeps the buildings In-shape and functioning. That said, it seems to me that a business plan is not in place to consider aging buildings and infrastructure needs such as the 60-year-old post office here in Brenham. Probably 30 years ago, there was a movement here in town to purchase some land and build a larger post office which could serve the needs of an ever-growing area. If I recall correctly, the land was out near Germania and the funeral home and the new Academy. That was supposed to make deliveries and pickups easier for mail trucks and serve the ever-growing area in that part of town. However, that all fell through, and many of the people in the know said it was because somebody put their thumb down on the lease or something or another and that’s why there’s always been a rumor of crookedness with the lease on the building. The following link goes to a good article on the quandary that the government finds itself in as well as the post office and why it is a necessary part of American business, culture, and society. There are numerous references, and you may not have access to all of those if you choose to follow up for more proof.

  6. The postal service cares less about its customers and it’s employees. They have a good message that means nothing. I worked for usps for four years. The restroom was never functional. A/C was always out in July. Gone postal had a real meaning

  7. UPS is a government run institution…what government run institutions work properly? Can’t expect anything better.

  8. The post office just needs maintenance. It is fine, just like the Junior High. No need to pay for an expensive update.

  9. Also, having mail delivered after dark (which is frequent) is risky for people getting their mail and a boon to criminals

  10. Our post office is a total disgrace to the city of Brenham. Whoever is in charge needs to be replaced.

      1. the Property ID 24770 for 309 N Market, the Post Office, shows the following:

        Cullen W Turner, Trustee
        4021 Fairmont Ct
        Bedford, TX 76021

    1. Thank you David !! It is a total disgrace and needs to be addressed. I contacted the City of Brenham and was directed to a city councilman who said it is a Federal Building and tge City can’t say or do anything in regards to the building. Really ???
      We the people need to contact the USPS and demand repairs and thorough cleaning plus more lighting inside the customer service area.

  11. As a local visitor to the Brenham post office I’ve found it convenient to have absolutely no door. Maybe they should just leave it as it is, because personally it makes my trip even quicker. Plus as an animal lover, I really like the idea that as winter now comes, there will be a warm place available to get out of the cold for any stray dogs or cats, squirrels, possums, raccoons or field mice. Keep up the good work, US Post Office! When the wind rips off the front door, we can turn this into a positive thing.

    1. With all due respect, would you expect all federal buildings to remove their front doors so that animals and homeless people and others who just want to get warm/cool can go inside and do so? Do you keep your windows and doors wide open in the winter time so that the outside world can be warmed by your heating system? Did you keep your windows and doors fully open this past summer so that your air conditioning can cool Brenham? The issue is that if this were not a postal facility, but a home or business, the door would have been removed, the jamb measured, and a replacement door likely found within two or three days, brought out, and installed.

      1. The Associate Director of Door Installation has made his request to the Assistant Deputy Director of Door Installation who promptly forwarded it (with comments) on to the Deputy Director of Door Installation who promptly forwarded it on to the Director of Door Installation. Now, once approved by the Director it needs to be sent on to the Operations Maintenance Organization (OMO) . . .

        1. Guys and gals…

          The US Postal system lost a reported 6.5 billion dollars last year alone. The new budget allows for a shower curtain or some strings of beads.

    2. Okay let’s take your door off of your house and you can let all the critters come in your house and destroy your stuff

  12. For a city the size of Brenham we have a very small post office. I think the door is just a small part of the problem.

    1. Yes, all the exterior lights are non-existent…if you drive up at night, the only lights are the pathetic ceiling lights INSIDE the building. It’s a tragedy/crime waiting to happen. The building is reportedly rented from a phantom semi-local ownership, with a decades-long agreement. The lack of exterior drop boxes requires elderly to stop, park, and often hobble inside to drop off a letter…but at least the door is open!!! How sad.

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