The 46th annual Blue Bell Fun Run is in the books, and it will go down as the biggest one yet. 

The official number of participants was 4,881, which was a new record.  The previous record was 4,553, which occurred back in 2013.

In the half marathon, the Male Winner was Troy Castle of Dallas, while the Female Winner was Ariana Barreira of San Antonio.

For the 10K, the Male Winner was Gustavo Roman Jr. from Bryan, and the Female Winner was Kathryn Brake from Houston. 

For the 5K, the Male winner was Kellen Jones of Weatherford, and the Female Winner was Lauren Stroud of Lake Jackson. 

There was a Kids Mile as well. Payton Taylor of Bryan was the Boys Winner and Caroline Sommer of Brenham was the Girls Winner.

Proceeds from the event will go towards the Brenham High School Athletic Department.

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  1. The Bluebell Fun Run is scheduled almost a year in advance so I feel everyone had ample time to plan accordingly if you wanted to leave or have visitors that particular day. As far as the trash left behind, it was picked up in a timely manner. The volunteers did an amazing job. Have you ever seen the Fairgrounds after any event? For Heaven’t sake, IT WAS ONE DAY. I think everyone should focus on the “good” of this event. It brought many different folks together to have a good time.

  2. The folks that volunteer to prep and put this on are awesome! Lots of happy people with smiles per mile and at the end of the line Blue Bell. Thanks to all for making Brenham a fun run.

    1. I did not see all of the smiles. I did see all of the empty water bottles and ice cream wrappers, up and down the street after the run. The Monday morning rains cleaned off the streets to the creek. Thank you for supporting the fun and curricular activities that goes with it.

      1. It is amazing how many people are pathetic about trash/litter…just ride around our beautiful country roads…beer cans, plastic cups and bottles, food bags, discarded furniture, bags of household trash, feed sacks..brush, lumber, tin, other building materials…you name it, you can find it on the side of the road. Just another example of how our country is being ruined because of selfish, lazy, self centered individuals.

        1. Just a glance at Brenham’s population boom. I talked to people that moved here from Bastrop because the growth only brought a vision like this with increase in crime. I hope our new representatives think long and hard about the future of Brenham.

        2. I need to follow up…I should have stated that I think the Fun Run is great. I ran in it for over 20 years before my health issues stopped me. Great activity for all involved. I just responded to fun for all’s comment on trash…just a huge issue for me. Glad for another successful event

    2. I didnt have a smile on my face when they run bye my property and I cant leave or anybody to come see me

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