The suspect accused of crashing a stolen 18-wheeler into Brenham’s DPS Office last Friday, killing one person and injuring several, is now charged with murder.

Clenard Parker
(Washington Co. Jail)

The DPS Texas Ranger Division has filed additional charges against 42-year-old Clenard Parker of Chappell Hill, including Murder, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Public Servant, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Mischief.

Following a court appearance last weekend, Parker was initially charged with three counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Causing Serious Bodily Injury, Evading Arrest or Detention Causing Serious Bodily Injury, and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle.

As of 3 p.m. this (Thursday) afternoon, the Washington County Jail roster had not been updated to reflect Parker’s new charges or the bond associated with them.  The previous bond was set at $2 million total.

Fourteen people were in the DPS Office at the time of the crash.  Six people were hospitalized, including the victim who later died from their injuries.  Two patients were in critical but stable condition at last check, and three others were released.  Eight people were treated at the scene.

Investigation by the Texas Rangers is active and ongoing.

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  1. Every time a tragedy like this happens, i try not to simply persecute the one responsible, but to understand why. If we can rid the world of those “why”s then these things would never happen. A person can get extremely desperate in times when bills stack up. Power gets shut off, elderly parent staying with you needs oxygen, medication that you cant get. You cant afford to put food on the table for your kids. Then only way you have paid the bills for 20+ years is driving trucks w a CDL and with diesel prices as high as they are you are losing more work. Then because of a physical issue that doesnt even effect your driving ability that only way to provide for your family is taken away…desperation…now we dont know how any of us would react when you reach total desperation and your family needs you to come thru more than ever. Id like to hope no one makes the choice he did when he reached that point. All i can say is, it musta been a desperation i hope no other feels, but with times as they are, its happening alot. Pray for the victims in this, ALL of the victims, including him and his family….i try to love all of our fellow men, women, and children. Until youve been in others shoes, you just dont know….

    1. No. There is no good excuse for running a truck into a building full of innocent fellow Texans.
      He needs to be put away forever, one way or another.
      Praying will do NOTHING to reverse his heinous acts.

      1. Agreed, JD. Frustration is an explanation, not an excuse. When I was younger I ran into desperate times. It never crossed my mind to murder innocents. This person’s soul had gone cold long before this tragedy. He is no victim.

  2. I would have thought the charge would be premeditated murder.
    Seems a plan was made when he stole the truck in Navasota, and drove it straight to the DPS office.
    He had already threatened the people at the DPS that he would be back.

  3. Although murder is not a capital offense which carries a maximum penalty of 99 years or life in prison, I guess everyone will need to settle for that. I must be old-fashioned since I tend to follow the Old Testament teachings in Leviticus 24:19-21.
    But when you think about it, he really doesn’t have a bad deal. He has a new wardrobe, gets three free meals a day, and a free place to stay in return for killing and maiming people as well as destroying public property.

    1. SD ,I understand what you are saying but we are not under the old but new testament. Clearly this man is mentally ill and should have some form of medical documentation. Because nobody in their right mind would intentionally do something so horrific. I am praying for all sides that Gods Grace continue to abide.

      1. I think that is incorrect. He is right in what he saying. Maybe he is mental. So what? He should nor get a pass or a lighter sentence if he is.. that person does not get to ever come back from the dead. He made a choice. It was pre meditated and he hurt innocent people who had nothing to do with his issue.. yes, I do pray for his family because they don’t deserve this, the victims and their families don’t deserve this, but him? He deserves what he gets.

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