A large oak tree on the Washington County Courthouse lawn will be coming down this weekend.

The large oak tree that sits to the left of the
courthouse entrance on Park Street will come down
this weekend, as it has been deemed a safety

Washington County Facilities Manager Bobby Branham said the corner of Main Street and Park Street in downtown Brenham will be closed off on Saturday starting at 7 a.m.  This is to remove the oak tree on the left-hand side of the courthouse entrance on Park Street.  The corner will be closed until completion.

Branham said the tree is affected by the same wood-decaying fungus, called hypoxolon canker, that led to two other trees located to the left of the Main Street entrance being taken down in November.  According to Branham, the tree on Park Street has lost some large limbs, including one that fell onto a vehicle, and is becoming a hazard.

Branham noted that these particular kinds of trees typically have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years, and he believes this tree has been around for at least 35 years.  He also said an arborist will inspect the remaining trees on the Alamo Street side of the courthouse to make sure they are in good shape.

The Urban Foresters will handle the tree removal.  It is the same tree service company that took down the other trees in November and is working with the county as part of its courthouse landscaping project.

Branham said the work should be all done on Saturday, with stump grinding set to be done at another time. 

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  1. Lee Davis educated us on our centuries old live oaks. I don’t believe he would sell his company to just anyone. I would trust them.

  2. I will reply to your posting as well as the one above it from “Disappointed”. Lee Davis, a certified arborist who has lived in this community and done tree work for decades, sold his business to the Urban Foresters out of Sugar Land last year and when they took it over, they set in place a plan to have a crew of workers in and around Brenham. Effectively, if Lee Davis had been hired, it would have been a local company, but as it is, you may not think it to be so. I have had work done at my house by them and they are a reputable, conscientious, well-versed, and insured company – – and the “insured” I bring up because not all tree companies working in Brenham carry liability insurance. My mother found that out when large tree was removed from her yard and it was dropped and damaged the underground sprinkler system.

  3. I hope they are planning to replant and to do a better job at growth management. I miss the trees, keep in mind that the average tree produces enough oxygen for 4 adults to breathe. They also help to cool ground temperatures in the heat of the summer

  4. why is the county hiring a company that doesn’t belong to the county??!!!
    i always wonder then why there’s always saying “buy local” so the money stay in the county anyway is just a thought we have lots of trees company’s in brenham!!!

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