A GPS tracker on a skid steer in Fayette County led to the arrest of a Richmond man on theft charges.

Ricky Pierce Cates
Fayette Co. Jail photo

Fayette County Sheriff Keith Korenek reports that on Monday at 4:40 PM, a report of an active theft in progress of a skid steer was received by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center.  The caller advised that a skid steer on property off of Abbott’s Grove School Road was equipped with a GPS tracker, and was moving from the property towards FM 609.

Deputy Terry Guentert responded to the call and was able to locate a truck and trailer loaded with a skid steer and stopped the driver.  Investigation reviled that the truck and trailer used in the crime to be reported stolen as well. The truck was stolen from the Rosenberg area, and trailer from Midland.

The driver, identified as 48 year old Ricky Pierce Cates of Richmond, was arrested and charged with theft and possession of stolen property.


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  1. As a tax paying citizen, I am sick of watching property that people have worked hard for being taken without any regard for the owner. Whether it be by a common thief, rioters, looters, or others, it is time we as a society stand up and say ENOUGH! I hope the DA will refuse to plea this case and insist that this man have to face a jury of local people and face the judgement of that same jury if they find the evidence indicates he has committed a crime. I hope they lock this guy up for a long time and any others that commit crimes like this. It is time we say as a united society and culture they we have had ENOUGH!

    1. Yes we are all sick of thieves and criminals as a whole but make no mistake the Fayette County Sheriffs Department seems to be the leading law enforcement agency in our area that keep the bandits on their toes, these guys are on the ball, keep up the good work.

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