Heads of the new shopping center project in Brenham say development is coming along well.

The Houston-based developer Baker Katz is currently developing 35 acres of land at the Highway 290-Chappell Hill Street intersection, with plans to build a 200,000 square-foot shopping center at that location.

Kenneth Katz of Baker Katz said work at the site has been underway for four to six weeks, and the developer has been in active conversation with several major retailers.

Katz said, while no lease agreements have been finalized, the response from retailers has been encouraging.



Katz said, for the size of the center being planned, he estimates about 20 tenants would fill the center. However, he noted that largely depends on the size of the tenants being worked with.  A certain number of tenants need to be considered national retailers.

Katz said crews have had to move a lot of dirt around the site to get it into condition for development, and there are still a few months of dirt work left. In addition, dirt at the site will need to rest for several months before it can be built on.  That being the case, he said there will be months where nothing happens at the site.

Earlier this year, Baker Katz entered into a sales tax abatement with the City of Brenham and Washington County for the project. The agreement will reimburse the developer $6 million in sales taxes over a 12-year period, with the city contributing $4 million and the county putting forward $2 million.  The city will also contribute roughly $2 million for traffic and infrastructure improvements.

Katz said that having the help of the city and the county was “critical” to the project moving forward.



Katz said the current timeline for the project looks “realistic”, and the summer of 2021 should see the first wave of retailers and restaurants open for business.

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  1. I think it’s great for growth for Brenham, but I fear the small home town atmosphere will be gone.

  2. We really need a academy here. With all the kids in sports and all the outdoorsmen we have in Brenham this would be a good fit.

  3. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, a Vietnamese restaurant, and a nice fabric shop would be welcome.

  4. Ross please i just moved to Texas from ga year and a jalf ago n miss ROSS N CATOS R LANE BRYANT

  5. Kroger would be a good move. SAS shoes. Tuesday Morning or Pier 21.
    For restaurants….
    Fast Foods…
    Cowboy chicken
    Panda Express
    Pizza Hut Sitdown style
    James Coney Island

    Full Serve ….
    Furs Cafeteria
    Olive Garden
    Joes Crab Shack

    Lets wait and see…… Fingers crossed

  6. A STEIN MART would be a fantastic store for the folks in our area to have !!!!! Can’t even buy a decent bra or a pair of shoes in Brenham!! All of our purchases have to be made in Houston or College Station or Cypress. It’s absolutely ridiculous to send that much local money out of our own economy every day . A Jason’s Deli would be welcomed with open arms I’m quite certain as well.

  7. We need a department store that handles kids cothes..I know Walmart carries them but half the time they don’t have enough of the right sizes.

  8. We are so in need of a shopping center in this area. I live in Bellville, Tx. and there is nothing but Walmarts in this area. I love Walmart but we need other. types of businesses and restaurants.

    1. You make no sense, why would you want to look and test at one retailer, THEN purchase online.
      Silly thought process ?!!!!!!!!

    2. So we need a best buy so you can go try everything out and then order it online instead of buying it there? Really? Smh

  9. I hope there is a cracker barrel, Kohls, Olive garden, and maybe Penneys. Would love some of these options.

    1. We had a JC Penney. It closed down. Are you gonna shop at the new one if it comes?? Probably not!

    2. Cracker Barrel would be nice, but they usually only build on
      There was a Penny’s in downtown Brenham.
      Glad to see that Brenham is

  10. I’m hoping to see a hobby lobby to shop and then go across the street and enjoy a meal st chicfila? I love them!!!! What’s coming to this site business wise for shops and restaurants?

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